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Best MBA College in Kerala with Beautiful Climate.

If you have the dream to be a part of Best MBA college with beautiful climate then join for MBA in Marian International Institute of Management, Kuttikkanam. Kuttikkanam which is known as the charming hill station of Idukki. Even Idukki is blessed with many hill stations the Kuttikkanam is the only one which is famous for its beauty and appeal.
The Kuttikkanam is filled with major attractive places like Panchalimedu, parunthumpara, Ashly bungalow etc. Kuttikkanam are the vivid tea estates and luxuriant green hills which add more charm to its nature beauty. The misty and cool climate that Kuttikkanam provides is another major attraction to this place. Its one of the leading tourist spots in Kerala and day by day the fame of the Kuttikkanam is increasing. Many will arise the question that is there any great link with the beautiful climate and education. Is it necessary to have a good and calm climate for educational purposes? The answer to all these questions is YES.

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Highlights Spots in Kuttikkanam

Ammachi Kottaram

It was constructed by Moolam Thirunal, Travancore Maharaja. Even though the exact history behind the construction is remaining as murky but believed as Moolam Thirunal has built this Ammachi Kottaram for his wife. The title of the consort was given by Maharajas wife.


Valanjanganam waterfalls one of the highlighting feature on the way to Kuttikkanam. Its over 75 feet high. Its also known as Niinumullipara falls.


A place not far from Kuttikkanam having a beautiful valley which host a British Cemetery. The Cemetery was built in the year 1869. The Cemetery is famous as the burial ground of Col. John Daniel Munro, who is a Scottish soldier. Also, an officer in British army named Col. Munro, died in an accident while he was travelling through Peerumade. His white horse named Downy was also killed in the same accident. The Cemetery is having tomb for Munro and his white horse which is famous too.


One of the tourist viewpoints. It’s really meant for nature lovers. As the name suggest the Parunthumpara is famous for a rock which resembles an Eagle. So, the Parunthu in Malayalam means Eagle, that the reason the place is called as Parunthumpara. It is one of the captivating tourist attractions. Exact location of Parunthumpara is Grampi. While visiting the Parunthumpara you will see beautiful meadows. It’s the engulfing view point that delivers the glimpse of Makara Vilakku during Makkar Sankranti.

Pine Forest

One of the main attractive spots in Kuttikkanam. it’s also known as the artificial forest. Its covering about 100 acres of land. It contains about 30 bird’s species as of an estimated calculation. It includes endangered species too. Pine forest is considered as a buffer zone by the Forestry Department of Kerala.

Pine Forest
Pine Forest


The place got this name on the believe that the Pandavas and Panchali stayed there for some time while they are in exile. There is pond name Panchalikulam which never gets dry during the summer season. It’s believed that the Panchali taken bath in this pond.
It’s a perfect spot for trekking. It has no any accident-prone areas in Panchalimedu. Its 2500 meters above the sea level.

Ashly Bungalow

It was built by Bakers and association in 1875. It’s a magnifying example of early colonial architecture within a spectacular setting.

Tomb of Peer Muhammed

It is the tomb of a Sufi saint. Peerumade one of the famous places in Kuttikkanam which has earned the name from Peer Muhammed. He was a close ally of Travancore Royal Family.

For every course it requires Concentration to study, especially an advanced course like MBA definitely need good concentration to grab knowledge and information that faculties teach.  When the students are studying under extreme temperature it will bring very bad impact on their concentration power. While students are in hot temperature, they will be trying to cool their body instead of concentrating on what faculties are teaching. So, without having concentration in classrooms it will be very hard to remember and understand.
If you are in a cool climate with mist it will definitely help you in in attending classes while if you are in a very hot and humid temperature it will be a high distraction for your concentration power. In order to gain good marks in exams and knowledge you need concentration power so select colleges that provide you a cool climate. Select college accordingly. The quality of air surrounding your institution is very important factor. The cool climate surrounding lots of trees and not in a big city will make you very comfort while studying.
The polluted air and rush of city make you very irritated while in a calm and cool climate with good air quality you will be very active in your studying.
For a Post-Graduation course, it requires high concentration to grab everything taught in class, so won’t go for any institution just sake of taking an MBA graduation. Choose college by looking its training, coaching, especially the climate it grants you. Post Graduate course are having more complex topics compared to Under graduate courses because Post Gradate courses are advanced course so the complexity of the course is high.
To study complex lessons the students, need more concentration. If you are in a cool climate the brain works well as you are very comfort to that climate. Active working of your brain it will help you in grasping everything easily so that you can secure good marks in your exams. By securing good marks you are making an achievement which will benefit in your future career.

Marian International Institute of Management, Kuttikkanam

Marian International Institute of Management, also known as MIIM is the leading MBA college in Kerala.  College is managed by the Catholic diocese of Kanjirappilly. Its having NBA accreditation. It is affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University. MIIM is the only college under the Mg University having NBA accreditation. MIIM is situated at Kuttikkanam. Main Highlight of the Kuttikkanam is the cool climate and Mist. While studying in MIIM one can make enjoy the beauty of climate by experiencing it in real. It also enhances the educational capacity of students by providing calm and cool climate. Kuttikkanam is surrounded with nature beauty and enriched by many tourist spots. One can make good experience which last for the entire life while studying in MIIM.  MIIM also ensures many other aspects. The college is having world class infrastructure along with good facilities. It offers you fully residential MBA programme with affordable tuition fees. College is having Hostels separate for both boys and girls with full facilities. MIIM provides scholarships for meritorious students. It has good placements records along with providing great internship opportunities too. MIIM has proved excellent placements in many reputed organisations. MIIM ensures 100% placement for all its students.

MBA Admission Started - 2021-2023 Batch

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More About Kuttikkanam

Kuttikkanam is one of the best adventures and trekking spots in the Idukki. Its one of the highlighted tourist spots in Kerala. Kuttikkanam filled with the aroma of Cardamom and Tea leaves where the area is surrounded by its plantations. Also, it has many beautiful hills tops and Greenery adds extra beauty to the Kuttikkanam nature. Bison and Monkey can be viewed in some rare area of fauna. The important and exciting attraction of Kuttikkanam is the MIST, which gives you an unforgettable memory to your life. Its something we have to experience from Kuttikanam itself, the beauty of Mist that is spread across the nature beauty.
It’s about 3500 above the sea level. The area also has mystical pine forest, pristine hills and alluring streams too. Kuttikkanam hill tops is famous for its beauty, as wide variety of wild flowers and are in vivid colours which offers visitors a sheer of visual spectacle. Kuttikanam welcome tourist at all time, its beauty is not depending upon certain season. Its because all the seasons of Kuttikkanam has its own unique shade. In summer season Kuttikkanam is considered as the best spot. In summer many escapes from the low land and coastal regions to the Kuttikkanam weather. Monsoon is one of the main highlights of Kuttikkanam. It is considered as a pleasing texture which is spread across to the lush green hills along with flowing stream and moist grasses.
Winter is something where the Mist covers all the beauty of nature and the climate gives stiffness to the rocks. Also blossom of the flowers is starting from the end of month October and extends through winter. Kuttikkanam is one of the tourist places in Kerala that promotes good facilities to stay, by having best resorts with decent budge accommodations. MIIM, the college at Kuttikkanam, Kerala is the best MBA College with beautiful climate in India.