September 19, 2023
Value of privacy in social media

What is the value of privacy in social media?

We all know that we are living in an era of social media. We can’t even imagine our life without social media. Whether we accept it or not we are dependent upon social media in one way or the other. Recently we all heard about the news related to the privacy of social media. Even though when we are talking and sharing thoughts, photos, and information online with people who are known to us, that doesn’t mean our conversation is safe or encrypted, your conversation might be read by a third party that’s the moment when we lose our privacy in social media. Always keep in mind that once a message, photo, or video is shared there is no control over the people who all are going to see it.

Privacy dangers in social media

Now we are spending more and more of our lives online. Even though social media has brought us all together, enriched our lives and business relationship, and even made us more productive. But now, the privacy of social media is reducing day by day. As we have all heard about the news related to WhatsApp security. EarlierWhatsAppwas considered the only medium that can be used completely free. But now the situation is going to change. Some of the privacy dangers are:

Ø Facebook likes jacking: using intriguing posts often referencing current events to trick users into clicking on malicious or phishing links.

Ø Facebook chat attacks: This can spread malware via unsolicited links and promote phishing apps.

Ø Spammy tweets and malicious twitter links: representing a major threat to microbloggers.

How to protect your privacy in social media

Here are some of the online privacy tips to help you leave a smaller digital footprint.

Ø Hide activity status: As we all know many social media apps have the ability to see if you are active, offline or the last time you when were online. For example, Instagram has added a new feature that allows your activity status to be seen by the people you follow or send a direct message to. People can now see when you were last active if you read the message. Remember that hiding your activity status also stops you from seeing someone else activity.

Ø Disable read receipts: To further protect your privacy on social media app turn off your read receipts. Twitter allows you to disable read receipts in direct messages.

Ø Stay off the grid: Social media apps use your current location for many reasons such as delivering appropriate ads and notifications about nearby events. They also can share your location, Which you might want to turn off, to keep private.

Ø Be selective with the audience: There are a few ways that you can limit your audience on social media networks. As in the case of Facebook, Facebook allows you to choose the audience for your posts and updates.

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