September 22, 2023


All are very keen on selecting an MBA college. While one is selecting a college, you need to consider many things such as

  • Exam accepted and cut off
  • Fees
  • Placements
  • Ranking and Accreditation
  • Faculty
  • Location
  • Alumni base
  • Infrastructure


The first that everyone is looking regarding selecting the college is the eligibility criteria. The certain percentage of marks that one should acquire in an undergraduate degree and also the cut-off marks required for the MBA entrance test. So, make sure that you are taking the right entrance exams otherwise it is a big constraint to join your dream college. It’s because there is many MBA entrance test all through India and its not sure that all exams are accepted in every MBA colleges.
Only certain MBA entrance are accepted in many colleges, and while you are going to attempt the entrance test make sure that it is accepted in the college where you hope to join for your MBA course. Not only the test but the cut off for the entrance test also has to consider. There is variation in cut off according to the category, so make sure that you have scored enough marks too. Don’t aim just to pass the entrance test of which is the base requirement of your MBA qualification in order to join an MBA college.


The Fees structure is the other important aspect of regard to selecting a good MBA college. Obviously, MBA you have to make an investment, but the return also high. The return depends upon how you utilize the MBA opportunity in the best way to improve and develop skills and talents.
The MBA fees structure varies from institution to institution so choose the college where you can afford the fees structure. May you get a loan from the bank but it’s up to a certain amount. But the rest of the fees you have to find it by yourself. So before taking your choice check for other sources rather than a bank loan, to pay the fees and other expenses.


One of the highlighting features of college selection is the placements that the college provides. The placements will be high for a college according to the tie-up and collaborations the college has with other companies.
Also, the alumni of the college are one of the best sources to attract more and more company to the college. Many talented candidates before joining or selecting a college will make a thorough understanding of the placement and companies coming to hire from the college for the past few years.
The one who knows the value of campus placement t will be really concerned about the placement opportunity offered by the college. If you haven’t got any campus placements and after MBA if you are searching for the job then other companies think you won’t be so competent enough. It’s because if you are talented enough you may catch the campus placements.
May the college won’t have enough placement you will be asked to search for your job. The college with very low placement will bring a few companies which are not reputed or may be offered only some job to a few students. So, there will be no enough chance for you and if you haven’t placed in campus placement that will bring a bad impact to other employers.
The companies mainly come to hire from the college according to the student’s performance. If your seniors performed well then companies will be confident enough to hire for the next year. So, the performance all depend upon the training that students get from that college. If the college makes the students really talented and ready to attend all the recruiting process s from a company. That is an aptitude test, interview, technical knowledge, subject knowledge, communication etc.
So, if you are joined in a college with good placement cell then you will be given effluent training under various factors essential to impress the hiring companies. Good and active placement cell will be definitely working hard for you getting more opportunities from companies. So, they make good contacts with the top-level organisation in order to ensure good placements for the students.
A college with good placements means it has given definitely good training to their students. Also, the alumni who are working there if they proved themselves active then the company feel confident to hire again and again.
Before selecting a college make sure that the college is good in providing placement to the students, not only placement check about the placements cell, alumni performance, regular coming companies etc.


While selecting a college look for the accreditation the college has among the top other MBA colleges. Because the rank is given upon certain performance and achievements that the college has gained.
The accreditation has many values. If you are doing an MBA in an accredited institution mean you are making yourself really worthful.
The brand name of the college is an important factor for an MBA course, but many colleges may lack rank and accreditation. So, while searching for a good MBA college you must check the rank and accreditations it has along with the brand name.
The rank and accreditation are really important because it makes you a competent candidate by adding more values to your resume. The rank and accreditation are given upon certain measures of performance by the college in various area, including infrastructure and other facilities. So, by taking an MBA from such a reputed, ranked and accredited institute means you are proving you have gained enough training and good coaching. Even the employer also ready to hire you.
The college with top rank and accreditations is a major attractive point for many companies. So, you can ensure good companies for campus placement too.


Before selecting an MBA college, you have to ensure the faculties of the MBA college you are going to opt, their experience their qualification etc. Teachers are the person who lights the wisdom in everyone’s heart. So, for the PG course like MBA require faculty’s with good experience and they have to experts too. By ensuring the faculties qualification one can be confident in getting efficient training and coaching.


The location is a really important factor in order to select a college. Many may have problems in a different climate. So, check the weather and climatic conditions of that particular location of the college you are going to opt.
Most of the students look for a calm and quiet area for there better studies. Also, the cool climate is another highlighting one that most of them like. The college with a cool, calm and quiet climate will be the perfect location for the MBA education. As this is a PG course so more importance has to be given to it. In order to get good concentration and comfort, you must carefully select the college with good location.
The busy and high temperature will be a great constraint for PG students to study effectively. It will bring bad impact to the studies. So, choose the college with the best location. Prefer cool, and quiet area for better results.


If you have any good connection with the alumni then it will be a good source of information to know more about the college you are looking to join for MBA.
The alumni know all facts regarding the academics, non-academics, training, campus placement, getting other relevant skills etc.
The senior students have experienced the college activity and we can get more accurate information so that it will help in deciding whether to go with the decision of joining this particular college or not.


The infrastructure means the facilities that the college provide. The space of the classrooms, the other technical advancements. The other facilities college offers like gym, auditorium, cafeteria, library, computer lab, volleyball court, football court, indoor shuttle court etc has to taken into wide consideration while you are selecting an MBA college.

So we hope we have discussed how to select the best MBA college for your bright future.


MIIM is one of the TOP MBA colleges in Kerala, which is situated in the beauty of Idukki a place named Kuttikkanam. MIIM is the best college which offers all the facilities and excellence for your future. MIIM has established in the year 2011and it is under private ownership.
MIIM is having world-class infrastructure with all the facilities like technically advanced classrooms, Wi-Fi campus, the library having more than 500 books, Gym for both girls and boys.
College is well known for its good placement record by providing excellent placement training for its students. Top companies are regularly visiting MIIM for campus recruitment.
The location and the beauty of Kuttikanam along with the mist give good impression and experience to the students. The climate is very cool which is really good for student’s concentration, good exam results etc. Kuttikkanam is a highlighted tourist spot which helps the students in getting more experience in visiting a variety of natural beauty spots. Kuttikkanam is not a busy area its very calm and quite the exact place best for educational purposes.
MIIM is equipped with experienced faculties to provide quality training in both academics and non-academic activities. All faculties are experts in their area. MIIM is the only College in Kerala under the MG University having NBA accreditation.
MIIM is having affordable fees structure and the exams accepted by MIIM are KMAT, CMAT, CAT with 15%. Many students of MIIM are working in a reputed organisation. MIIM is having all the high standard qualities to be the BEST MBA COLLEGE. If you are searching for the best MBA college which enhances your future join MIIM without any rethinking.

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