October 3, 2023


All are applying for an MBA degree in order to reap the maximum profit out of it. Now MBA has become one of the valuable tools for those who aim to achieve career excellence along with a bright future. That means the value of an MBA is increasing and many are utilizing this opportunity effectively.
While doing an MBA course many are investing very large amounts, by the hope of getting it back after completing the course and placed in a reputed organisation. By doing an MBA with academics won’t make any sense. In an MBA course, there will be great opportunities to gain extra benefit.
One who is brilliant will definitely make use of each and every opportunity coming for them. The present era is very competitive in the corporate sector and to get a good job in the business area you have to make yourself very competent.
By taking just an MBA graduation won’t help you to compete. In your resume just by adding your graduation won’t help you to beat other candidates. In order to beat the others, you have to make yourself unique. To be a unique candidate you have to grab all the opportunities you get while doing an MBA course.
One who has extra achievements will be valued more compared to one with just an MBA graduation. While doing an MBA, you have to maximum out of it.
The MBA is a two-year course and within those 2 years, an MBA student will get infinite opportunities to achieve excellence. By achieving extra things, you will be making yourself more unique. By adding unique features to your Resume will help you in gaining a good impression from the Interview panel too. That finally help you in getting a good job in a reputed organisation.
In the competitive world, you have to be very competent otherwise others will beat you very easily. So, uniqueness is a very important matter for that extra achievements are very essential while doing an MBA.
In order to gain maximum output or benefit from the MBA, you have to do the following things while pursuing the MBA.




The main aim of an MBA internship is to provide MBA students with an opportunity to learn work experience from a reputed organisation. Most colleges have a Summer Internship of 2 months, which is mandatory for all the MBA students. It’s a great opportunity to learn things in your area of interest from the real business world. Many have chosen the area to work in an internship according to the specialisation they are going to choose. So, it’s a way you can add more value than you are experienced enough in this area.
The company also give more value to those who have attended internships. Not only internships which are part of your academics but also the additional internship opportunity you get also add value to your MBA.
The internships help you getting the preview of role and responsibilities in the area you have chosen for the internship. You are getting actual training as an employee. After pursuing an MBA you will be getting a good job while at that time these experiences of roles and responsibilities will make you a more competent and efficient employee which help you in getting career growth.
The internships are a practical experience you can earn in your area of interest. Experience values a lot in MBA course and even company are looking for experienced employees. By attending an Internship in a large reputed firm will definitely help you in gaining wide knowledge ion certain things. That means the selection of organisation also an important aspect of the internship.
If you have worked as an intern for a reputed organisation definitely it will add great value to your resume which will benefit you in time of campus placements.
An internship is the best opportunity to gain exposure to work profile and build skills. In order to gain practical knowledge, you will be asked to do certain assignments and projects to the company where you do an internship. So, while doing assignments, projects make sure you are developing your skills along with it. Also, it’s the right time to evaluate your performance in the area you have selected, how it will be in future if you choose this specialisation and will it benefit you. Also, you can think about where you can be an expert in this area or not.


The main of an MBA graduate to be competent is to add value to their MBA, for that getting valid Certifications is the finest chance. It’s possible to get many certifications while one is doing an MBA. By taking a certification in different areas you are making yourself more competent and a strong candidate.
Taking certifications is the best way to boost your career and add more value to your professional life. By adding certifications to your resume will help you in getting a good impression from the employer.
The top certifications for MBA students which add more value are:

  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) – For Finance specialisation
  • Six Sigma Certification – It’s General
  • The Association of Operations Management (APICS)- For Operations and Supply Chain specialisation
  • Financial Risk Management (FRM)- For Finance specialisation
  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)- For Human Resource specialisation
  • Confluence Certified Recruiter (CCR)- For Human Resource specialisation
  • SAP Modules Certifications- It’s General
  • National Entrance Test (NET)- It’s General
  • Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT)- For Finance specialisation
  • Spin Selling- for Marketing and Sales specialisation
    By achieving such certification, you can make your MBA profile more valuable.


It may be not possible for the successful person to take classes for MBA students by arriving at college. Maybe they are very busy and by travelling to faraway places will consume their valuable time, so to remove these constraints the technology has advanced to a high level.
By the present advancements in the technology its possible to take class face to face without coming to college. It’s very effective for students to gain knowledge in various area.
They may share their experience, give tips for improvements, coming opportunity, how to develop your skills etc. So, by attending webinars you will get an idea of how to plan ahead.
It will be very comfortable for the presenter and one who is attending the session because of internet availability and technological advancements. It’s a very flexible one where the time can be managed and information can be shared.
One who makes use of attending maximum webinars will gain more knowledge and will definitely pave the right way for your future by getting suggestions from experienced ones.


Many students may have the doubt that doping research paper will it add any value to the MBA. Definitely, it will add value to your MBA along with the development of your various skills.
The skills one gain while writing a research paper won’t be achieved from any academic writing. But the skills you develop will help you in getting academic excellence also. The skills you gained from doing a research paper are:

  • Improving Reading skills
  • Improving Writing skills
  • Deep Knowledge about a subject area
  • Exercise Critical Thinking
  • Using electronic and non-electronic resources
  • Develop a Sense of Achievement

So, use the opportunity to write and publish your research paper which has a high value in the present competitive world and achieve additional skill development while doing that.


Conducting Management Fest is one of the main highlights of most MBA colleges. By conducting fest year by year the number of students attending this is increasing. Students know the value of grabbing this opportunity.
This is one of the best platforms to perform and showcase their talents. With students’ efforts, the fest will turn into a grant success. It’s not only a place to showcase the talents but also a great chance to shape the career. It provides several benefits to the students such as:

  • Provides educational benefits
  • Promoting social interaction
  • Help in developing soft skills

So, in the present era, there is vast opportunity to attend the management fest conducted by several colleges. If you have gained a prize so by getting the certificate adds more value to your resume and career life. by this certificate, the employer makes sure you are active and have extraordinary talent. It will very easy to achieve the job opportunity by having management fest certificates.


In order to make your MBA course more valuable, you have to build a good network of connections. In the corporate world, networking has a major role. Networking means the ability to build a strong relationship. So, you may get the chance to visit a company to collect information, you may have contact in the company’s where you have done internships, you may have good networking with many successful entrepreneurs, experts, facilities etc.
By building a good number of relationships you can ask for suggestions and feedback which help you to plan everything in the right way. Also, one can utilize LinkedIn in the best way which is considered it be the best networking method a professional can do.
So, doing an MBA you will be given a good number of chances to meet successful entrepreneurs, experts etc. One who is using this opportunity well will benefit this in the future. So we hope we were able to discuss how to make the most out of your MBA.


Marian International Institute of Management, the best MBA college in Kerala. The college having NBA accreditation under Mahatma Gandhi University. The college has high brand value regarding its training. MIIM is famous for its placement, as it ensures 100% placement for all its students. The college has good communication with many top reputed organisations which come for campus recruitment. Many students are still doing jobs in a reputed organisation in good positions, all are placed in campus recruitment.
In order to make most of your MBA, you have to be part of a good institution which help you in grabbing all opportunity to add value. MIIM have two months internship which is mandatory for all the students. Also, college allows students to attend many management fests conducted by various MBA colleges.
MIIM is conducting South India’s biggest management fest named Caligo, where students get the greatest opportunity to host and conduct the fest. The college ensures a great number of webinars where experts, alumni etc. will share the success mantra. Also, MIIM provides an opportunity to publish research papers. College is very keen on motivating students to get certified from valid certifications.
In order to make most of your MBA, and gain all the additional benefits to value your professional career join MIIM.

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