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Group Discussion plays a very important role in the process of selecting a student. Most of the colleges conduct Group Discussion in order to find out certain qualities that one professional student must possess. It’s not a place to make arguments. It’s a place where you can share your opinions and viewpoints regarding a topic given to you for the discussion.  In this post, we are sharing the top 5 group discussion tips for MBA admission.
To score marks in GD you have to focus on many things. Also, while conducting GD you have to be very polite in sharing your opinion, even if you not agreeing with the other candidate opinion, convey it in a polite manner don’t be so arrogant. First thing you have to keep in mind is that Group Discussion is not Debate, both are entirely different, so make statements accordingly. Also, you have to be a good listener and give others the chance to speak out. Don’t overhead others, it’s a bad remark. By taking the initiative to start the discussion and conclude it will enhance you with additional bonus points. By asking silent candidates to share the opinion and if the discussion is diverting from the topic by giving warning and making it in the right path too will add points to you.
Basically, the Group Discussion is conducted in order to evaluate whether a candidate is fit for the MBA program based on their personality, eligibility etc. While conducting a Group Discussion one can also closely watch how the candidate participates, behaves, how to cooperate among the team, how they are commenting and giving importance to others words, also the way in which they accept criticism from others etc. like too many factors can be evaluated by conducting a Group Discussion.
Mostly the Group Discussion is conducted among participants with a minimal number like 8 to 12. Here the candidates will be given a topic of present relevance or some other topic. You will give time to prepare yourself after the topic is given. So, make use of it by having maximum points to share. Also, add some extra points to your mind as if someone has shared the same opinion you should keep another without making any lag while it’s your turn.
The discussion starts in front of a judging panel and while participating you have to keep in mind, they are watching you from all aspect so behave in such a manner. The members of the judging panel are the faculties of the institute where you applied for MBA admission.
So, the judges are carefully watching and give you points only based on your performance. Your performance determines everything as on the basis of the performance and marks the judges decide whether you have to be selected or rejected.

Most of the Group Discussion for MBA admission the candidates are evaluated for

  • Leadership skills
  • Motivational skills
  • Listening skills
  • Interactive skills
  • Reasoning skills
  • Social skills
  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Interpersonal skills etc.

Also, while preparing for the Group Discussion you can read the newspaper daily, watch interesting documentaries and news channels etc. Turn yourself aware of the current affairs and gain deep knowledge of it.
Some may think that why this Group Discussion is given so importantly in an MBA admission, is the interview itself is enough. The answer is NO because in interview candidates’ personal skills are evaluated while conducting a Group Discussion enable the judges to check a variety of skills that an MBA professional need to possess.
An MBA graduate has to handle and interact with a number of peoples daily. It will be either dealing with people below your job level, some have the same level, some will be above your job level. It’s all about how you manage this all, so from the discussion itself, it can be determined whether you are eligible to meet that particular position in your future life.
Also, the Group Discussion helps the institution in selecting talented ones. Because there will be thousands of applicants applying for the MBA admission and hence it will be easy to eliminate the ones which are not worthy and take the best candidates out of it.
The Group Discussion helps a lot many institutions in selecting their students as it’s a hectic task to sort the best from the applied. It saves time too as it requires only maximum of 15 minutes to decide the best out of the group.


In order to crack the MBA admission, you have to score well in Group Discussion, below are the top 5 tips you can follow in order to make your best performance in the Group Discussion



Knowledge means the overall understanding of what is happening around you. Some may think by having general knowledge you can crack MBA admission, even it’s a major part in your interview hence you should not limit your area of knowledge. Try to gain maximum knowledge from the whole area you can because we cannot predict the topic for Group Discussion. It can be either political related matters, maybe business, educational field, national, international etc.


In the present era, communication has proved its value and importance to a professional. In order to perform well in a Group Discussion for MBA admission, you are required to have excellent communication skills. Communication is the process through which one transforms information to others.
The communication takes place in different forms like through your voice tone, body language, facial expression, gestures etc. So, its participant responsibility to maintain good communication.
All are well aware of the importance of communication in the present competitive world. If you are good communicator it’s easy to transform and receive information with each other. There won’t be any struggle in sharing ideas and other important matters.
While attending a Group Discussion if you are having good communication skill then you will be able to express your ideas and view point to other participants. If you have expressed everything clearly means you can avoid the misunderstanding to a large extent.
By communicating effectively and fluently help you to grab the attention of the judges very easily. If you have good communication skill that means you can easily negotiate with others on various issues and the best chance to show you are an active listener too.
Many may have the wrong thought if one is able to speak English fluently means everything, along with fluency one should have to be confident and show the right attitude towards others.
In order to gain a good score in the Group Discussion, the candidate should gain high skills in communication.


Hearing and listening are not the same. In hearing there are no understandings involved. While if you are listening to a speaker means you are trying to understand what the speaker says. by having good listening, you will get many benefits while participating in a Group Discussion. By listening to others, you will get a clear idea and facts which are shared. It’s very essential for a presenter to have the listening skills.
To be an active listener you need to have great attention on what others are conveying to you. While participating as an active listener you get new ideas and information that is shared by other participants. Also, it can avoid the chance of jumping into a conclusion without getting an idea about what others are talking.
By listening to others, it helps you will get some additional points connected with others, that help you to add new ideas to your thought. Also, good listening will help you to avoid regression while participating in a Group Discussion because you know what others are trying to convey.
If you are actively participating in a Group Discussion and no one is listening means it creates an environment of demotivation, it will really affect the performance. So, in order to gain equal attention and listening you have to be an active listener so that others too motivate you while you are performing. It means by having a good listening skill you are creating a motivating environment for other participants.
Also, the information shared by the whole participants won’t be true and right, there are chances of flaws. If you are having smart skill in listening it will help you to find that flaws while they are speaking and that will add a point to you.
While participating it’s not necessary that you have enough knowledge on the topic selected for discussion so by listening to others will help, you to comprehend even its, not well-known topic.
By having good listening skills, you are making yourself aware and alert on what others are talking. So, having good listening skills will help to perform well in a Group Discussion.


The way in which you maintain your body gestures while participating in a Group Discussion for an MBA admission has a lot of importance.
You will be seated in a chair and arranges in the face to face way to make discussion. So, while sitting ion chair don’t lean back. Also, some have the habit to knock and make sounds from tables and chairs. You have to avoid all this; it’s all are the symbol of low value and concern you give to the discussion and judges.
Also, there may be many distractions s happening outside. If you focus that without listening to what other says then the judges are watching you closely and they will get the impression that you will easily get distracted.
While participating you have sat forward and been polite in the way you are conveying your point to others. But that doesn’t mean that to allow someone to over dominate you, keep your space within the group and don’t overhead and speak on others chance.
By keeping good body gesture, itself will bring a good impression to the judges as you are very interested and ready to actively participate in the Group Discussion from starting till the end. Also, the body gestures show the level of confidence you have and that indicate your knowledge level too.


While participating in a Group Discussion another important point you have to keep in mind is that take initiative to start the discussion and at the end make a conclusion after hearing all the opinion of the participants.
By taking initiative to start the discussion is the factor that reveals the leadership skills resides inside you. the extra bonus points you gain is the most attractive part of taking initiative and concluding in and GD.

In the introduction, you have to welcome all your team members and judges. And state the topic for your discussion once again. After that, you can add you view point. Don’t make it too long always manage the time.
Also, it’s not necessary that the one who starts should conclude the meeting. If you lose a chance in the introduction you can conclude the meeting. Also, while concluding you have to clearly mention the opinion of the majority and the reasons.
So, it’s one of the golden opportunities to gain extra additional points in the GD, which will help you to gain additional marks from others. Also, try to utilize both opportunities maximum. By taking participation in GD you will realize the struggle for initiative and conclusion of the topic. That itself reveals the importance and competitive mind all have. So, in order to utilize this, make yourself prepare and don’t wait after starting the meeting make the introduction part and watch the time and when the time come to end the GD conclude it.

So those where the 5 group discussion tips for MBA admission.


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