October 3, 2023


Nowadays the experiential learning has become an integral part of, MBA learning. Even the companies are focusing on giving experiential learning to their employees. It’s a great opportunity where one is learning by doing it or learning through experience and practice. That means this learning method operates by action. Experience is the main thing you have to gain even in learning or in training. By experiential learning personal development can be ensured and also help in building networks both personal and work, and by establishing these relationships will help you in your entire life along with your career growth.
By this learning, it enables one to make self-discovery, in what all areas they are expert and weak. So, by experiential learning one is not sitting in a room and listening, this process is learning by doing certain activities. For every job in MBA all are looking for how much experienced you are. Even in the present era too freshers to get many chances to gain experience. So, all this experience will definitely add value to your MBA, even in an interview if you are experienced in certain are so it’s a plus point for you compared to other non-experience candidates.
Hence in MBA experience values a lot. By having experience, you will benefit such as greater employability, interpersonal skill development, increased career readiness etc. So to make yourself eligible for the above benefits make maximum use of experiential learning and make yourself a unique and experienced candidate.
From experiential learning, the learner gets an immediate opportunity to explore and apply the knowledge they have gained. Also, it helps the learners to apply in the real-world challenges in order to solve it successfully. By applying the knowledge, the learners can test their level of understanding too.
From experiential learning, an MBA graduate gets access to real-time coaching and feedback. Hereby making practice under experts’ direction and getting adequate feedback will be very useful. By getting feedback on areas of excellence an area to be improved will help you in self-assessment. Also, you can ask tips from your coaching experts too for further improvements.
It enhances your communication and teamwork skills definitely as you will get plenty of opportunities to work within a team or group of peoples. While working with people you will get confidence to communicate with each other, also there will a number of sessions in the learning process that make you comfortable to speak out within a team. If you are facing any issues facing the crowd and communicate the experiential learning enable you to improve both those skills.
By taking experiential learning you can claim yourself as an expert because you have gained good coaching and experience. So, it’s clear that experiential learning will accelerate an MBA graduate from novice to an expert.
By making use of experiential learning will help you gain great achievements and accomplishments. Having experiential learning will provide you with enough experience with problem-solving skills, a chance to make improvements by getting feedback also a vast opportunity to practice what you have learned.

In order to make value to your MBA through Experiential learning you can adopt the following methods:



Its one of the best opportunities an MBA student can get experience. By doing an internship you will get the chance to work as an employee in the organisation you preferred. While doing internships you can choose the area where you are interested mostly and looking to work in future. By taking your area of specialisation you are making experience which enriches your career opportunities along with great knowledge and experience.
While doing an internship you will be asked to work under experts and that will enhance you with experts coaching. They will give you feedback and if you are smart enough you will make use of it. If you performed well and utilized the experiential learning opportunity to maximum extent definitely it’s going to reflect on your future career growth and help you to be an expert by practising it.
If you are just learning inside the institution won’t make any sense while if you get the chance of experiential learning you will be able to practice it. Practice makes Perfection. By doing practice definitely you will be perfect in your area of specialisation and that will turn you to be an expert. Once you proved as an expert then there will be vast opportunities waiting for you.
Also, while choosing the internships to be specific to the organisation you choose. If it’s a successful branded company definitely it will have a unique company culture and certain procedures that helped that company to reach to that extent. So as an intern in such a reputed organisation will help you to gain great experience and knowledge. so, while choosing the organisation also be careful, choose the one which adds value to you and your future career.
So, having internships helps an MBA student to get a wide knowledge and it’s a golden opportunity and one who makes use of it in a good way will get it benefits.


It’s completely depended upon the institution where you study for an MBA. Most of the reputed colleges arrange an international exchange where the interested students get the chance to visit an MBA college in another country. By this international exchange, students get the chance to learn about cross-cultural skills. Also, it enhances the student’s understandings regarding the business and the criteria of teaching at the global level.
It’s a great opportunity for students to attend sessions and visit a country. Also, they will get the chance to see how teachers take classes. All this will add experiences to the student which help them in different ways.


It’s all about the learning process in the outdoors not inside the classrooms. This type of experiential learning will help the students to develop a leadership quality within them. There will be sessions and other interesting outdoor activities. All this will aim to give students a lesson to learn also an opportunity to make self-assessment.
It will enhance their professional performance by getting experience from the fieldwork activities. Colleges will assign certain other duties to go outside and completer the task given to them. here the students will be in a role to deal with the external environment so that they will gain experience by dealing with people too.
Colleges will give some competitive marketing programmes. Either individual or by the group you will ask to go outside and complete the task so here all its aims are to gain experience from the opportunity given. Here it’s not only focusing on getting sales or completion of the task, instead the college is providing you with the opportunity to learn certain things that will help you in future.
Also, many colleges conduct OBT, that is out born training. Here the students are taken out of there comfort zone, here they area sked to do certain tasks. It’s all based on the team you belong. So, after each competition, the leader will give you certain feedback for both winning or losing. So, step by step you will get what is the lack in your team may be unity, communication, team spirit etc. After completing the MBA if you are asked to work within a team these skills will help you or you may be known what you are capable and not within a team. So, you can prepare yourself accordingly.
All this fieldwork aims in learning by doing. So, it’s also the best experiential learning you can get.


It’s an opportunity where a student gets the chance to speak out on there viewpoints and opinions. It may be between different candidates and the best performer will win in the competition. Many colleges conduct a paper presentation, debate, group discussions. It all aims in helping the students to gain experience on how they share their views regarding certain topics.
Also, students will get the chance to give a solution to a certain problem given to them. They have to present it in front of judges or panel of executives. So, from the case competition, the students will get an idea of what really happens in the workplace. Hence that will give them an experience on how to deal with such problems and make a solution for it.
So, by attending in such all activities will help you in getting experiential learning and that will help you in getting certain experiences.


Most of the colleges include the project as one of the subjects for the final semester student. It’s a chance given to make use of the entire knowledge that you gained in the whole MBA studies.
While doing the project you can output the entire knowledge you have gained in a certain area.
You may be having a guide in your projects. In order to collect certain details, you have to visit certain companies, communicate with the top executives, middle and low-level employees. By having interaction with all these people, visiting the company and watching its process you will definitely get lots of experience from each part. Also, you are making relationships too which too plays a vital role in the MBA.
In MBA studies the project to helps you in getting experiential learning. Make use of this opportunity properly by dedicating yourself will help you to gain many benefits like interaction skills, relationship building etc.


Marian International Institute of Management one of the top MBA college in Kerala. It’s situated in Kuttikkanam in Idukki district which is a famous tourist spot. MIIM provides good infrastructural facilities. Its equipped with technical classrooms that enable the most modern way of teaching by using the technology.
MIIM gives students the chance to have internships (summer internship- April, May). It’s compulsory for the students. Also, it has marketing games where students are asked to make a maximum number of sales. It’s too [part of experiential learning in MIIM. The college gives an attractive cash prize for the winners.
Out Bound Training (OBT) at Munnar is another attractive experiential learning MIIM offers to the students. Here the students are taken out from their comfort zone for two days and given task in group-wise. The Munnar OBT experience is something that cannot be replaced with anything and students get the chance to see the sunrise from the top of the hill.
The students are given some other tasks too and asked to go outside and interact with peoples. All these are aiming to give you experience. MIIM focus on learning by doing, not only classroom lectures.
If you are searching for the best MBA college which focuses experiential learning too that add value to your MBA, Marian International Institute of Management is the best option you have. 

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