September 28, 2023
5 Best movies every MBA students must watch

Graduates who are dreaming to do business have to search for inspirational, motivational sources to keep on growing their thought process and read a hand full of books. Some may not be very interested to read books for a long time while movies, subscribing youtube channels will help you to get motivated every hour. This source of entertainment will not only aid you in developing a perspective from which you are devoid but will also provide you insights that are required for understanding the rule of life i.e. ‘survival of the fittest’.  MBA isn’t just reading the books which teachers, instructors refer to us, but it’s beyond what actually is been taught.  Movies can act as a source of inspiration for your business. There are many movies that can instil important business lessons into our mind. Some of the best movies which every MBA student have to watch are as follows

5 Best movies every MBA students must watch


Best movies every MBA students must watch - Guru

The film GURU was directed by Mani Ratnam and is a biographical drama film which was released in 2007. It is a story of young man Gurukant Desai who was the son of Kantilal, the headmaster of the village school. Gurukant always had dreams of making it big someday and his father says not to dream and dreams might not come true. As per, the wish of his father he went for a white-collar job for some years and he came back and married Sujata because of the dowry he gets. The story is inspired by the life of one of the biggest business tycoons. It shows the two sides of Gurukant who indulges in corruption, lies, and business politics as well right side being his handwork, willpower, optimism, and persistence. He mainly smuggles machine parts for his polyester mills illegally and creates goods, manipulates stocks to make a higher profit. This movie mainly shows the business man’s eagerness of making money through doing smuggling and corruption, which must not be done by the businessmen.

Business lessons from Guru

Talent cannot be concealed by age

  • Self-confidence backs you the most when you’re making tough decisions
  • When partners are misaligned, then their relevance of the company is lost and their departure doesn’t impact the firm
  • If you know your real value then nobody can make you an offer you can’t refuse
  • Entrepreneur’s biggest strength is his/her courage:

Soorarai Pottru

Soorarai Pottru Best movies every MBA students must watch

Soorarai Pottru movie was directed by Sudha Kongara and a true story based on Simply Fly: A Deccan Odyssey by G.R.Gopinath. It is an inspiring journey of Captain G.R.Gopinath from a village to career in the Indian Army and then led to the low-cost airline, Air Deccan which had revolutionized the air travel industry. In the film, Nedumaaran was a former air force captain who wanted to start an Airline Company which was affordable at a low price. He had a lot of struggles on the way to form a company, where the main airline rivals including Paresh was challenging. Paresh Goswami is the owner of Jaz airlines and Nedumaaran was inspired because of his career from a middle-class family. Once, Nedumaaran and his friends plan schemes to start their business and with great difficulty manage to get an appointment with Paresh. However, Nedumaaran gets disappointed after knowing the negative vested interests of Paresh that would hinder his growth as he considers Nedumaaran his rival. He had to face so many hurdles which were created by the main person in the industry Paresh. Nedumaaran and his team of former airforce finally pull over the hurdle and launches their airline company- “Deccan Air”. They are been helped by their family members and village people.

Business lessons from Soorarai Pottru

  • If you have an idea of pitching your business to a venture capitalist, always keep in mind that you have to formulate a concrete plan to pitch.
  • If you have a very large population as your consumers, it is very useful to slash the prices. You can either earn by selling a very high-quality product to people for a small population, or you can sell a workable and durable model for a very large population
  • Giving something for free can help your brand to generate word of mouth and free publicity
  • One can’t move forward all alone in a business field. One has to develop enough networking to progress in any entrepreneurial journey.
  • Failures are definitely a part of it. Lots of obstacles will come, and if you are gonna start a business in India, then the obstacles are gonna be a lot larger. But never back down, if you want to make your dream a reality.


Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane Best movies every MBA students must watch

The film CITIZEN KANE was directed by Orson Welles, an American mystery drama. It’s the best business movie in history. The movie teaches a lesson to every potential MBA about the dangers of the path that we are already on! This is an American classic and there really is no excuse for not having seen it, but now that you’re a business student you even more or a reason and less of an excuse. After his death, the life of Charles Foster Kane, newspaper magnate and all-round larger-than-life American is said from the perspective who knew him. A newspaper reporter is interviewing those in Kane’s life hoping to learn the meaning of Kane’s last word, Rosebud. Kane was sent to a boarding school at a young age after his mother struck it rich thanks to a mining claim that was signed over to her of rent. He came into his vast fortune at the age of 25 and promptly bought a newspaper. His idea of news was to make it as much as report it and along with his good friend, Jedediah Leland, had a good time. Unsuccessful in his bid for political office, his relationships with those around him begin to deteriorate and he dies, old and alone, whispering the word Rosebud.


Velaikkaran Best movies every MBA students must watch

The film VELAIKARAN was directed by Mohan Raja and is based on a sales executive named Arivu who fights against food adulteration committed by high-class companies. Arivazhagan aka Arivu hails from Kolaikkara Kuppam a.k.a. Cooliekkara Kuppam, a slum area in Chennai.

He joins a leading FMCG company called Saffron and joins its sales department under Stella Bruce. He meets Aadhi, Saffron’s brand manager, who teaches him how to progress by doing smart work, and Arivu considers him as his inspiration. On one night Kasi and his gang attack Bhagya in Saffron’s warehouse, whereupon he dies in Arivu’s hands. Arivu, filled with rage, tries to attack Kasi, but Kasi’s rival Doss attacks and stabs Kasi in retaliation for their previous encounter. Kasi reveals to Arivu that he killed Bhagya on a contract given by Jayaram, the President of Saffron. The motive was that Bhagya tried to help Kasthuri, who filed a case claiming Saffron’s products to be adulterated, due to which she lost her son. Arivu is addressed by Kasi as being a worse hitman than he himself is. Arivu then saves Kasi, who tells Arivu that all products manufactured by Saffron are adulterated. Arivu takes up a mission to fight such malpractices not only in Saffron but in all the other five major food companies, including the one owned by Madhav Kurup.

Business lessons from Velaikaran

  • In health sensitive sectors like food, negligence or fraud is tantamount to murder. Hence, the potential support to death penalties for food adulteration as done in China

  • One needs to TRACK expenses to avoid monthly wasteful expenses
  • Merchandising in modern trade has contributed to consumerism, and online, the recommendation algorithm and placement window play a like role. So unless we go with a defined budget and shopping list, we run the risk of overspending

  • In regulatory clampdowns or general distress like strikes, it is the strong players who buy weak ones and consolidate-this is a trend seen in distressed assets sale also under insolvency framework. So relaxing competition laws should be done with care

  • Employee’s pride in their jobs and wanting a family to look up to them with pride is a powerful tool which should be leveraged and is done in TQM etc

  • Labour Day should be about labour duties and protections, not just for rights
  • As consumers, we should do informed purchases about what enters our body, even if Organic is costly or fad, we can avoid unhealthy stuff at least like carcinogenic substances

Miss India

miss-india Best movies every MBA students must watch

The film MISS INDIA directed by Narendra Nath is about a girl who wants to be an entrepreneur since she was a child. Her family and she was in love with chai and she wanted to start a chai business. After completion of MBA, she always wanted to do business but that went to vain when her father started suffering from Alzheimer. Her family started having financial problems, while her elder brother got a job offer In America and they all decided to go there. She had to go for office work even though she was very interested to do business In America. She left her job and started to do business after she left her home. She had to meet a lot of people to start a partnership and all rejected her. She herself tried hard to win the taste of chai to the Americans. Later on, she manages to win the taste and gets into the minds of people. Her aim was to grow like how Flipkart, amazon grew and competitors grew, she also wanted to grow like them. She says that her chai (tea) is made full love and sentiments, when you drink it you feel energized like not any other drink.

All these movies show a lesson when you want to achieve something you will be always alone, but when you start proving your ideas into reality people come towards you and in your heights, there is always a dark side. Ignore people who betray you and feel sympathy on them so that you get stronger. So those where the 5 Best movies every MBA students must watch.

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