September 25, 2023
MBA at MIIM –Why you should consider MIIM to do the MBA

MBA at MIIM –Why you should consider MIIM to do the MBA


The process of choosing the best management institute is very hectic and it demands lots of patience and time. Before selecting the best b school, the student needs to consider all the benefits that they can derive in the MBA course term. The candidate must search and collect data about multiple institutes while going for an MBA and put some great effort to choose the best B school from the list to ensure a bright future. Because the training and the management exposure given by each institute is different and the academic atmosphere will be also a key factor to opt for the best specific college.

MIIM is a leading business school/MBA college in Kerala which is situated at the misty mountains of Idukki/Kuttikkanam.  Marian International Institute of Management is the best option and it is one of the best B schools in Kerala. The brand name of the college is well exhibited through the students itself who all are experts in different management levels of major companies situated inside and outside India. The training and the support extended by the institute to their students are well known and the reputation of the college can be well understood from the words of alumni itself. The brand name of the Marian International Institute of Management, Kuttikkanam will help a student to get the job in the right place at a great extent. Despite that, the students can ensure personal and academic development after their 2-year long course. The institute can make drastic and positive changes in life and also the personality of the candidate as well.

  • The career goals
  • Faculty profile
  • Curriculum
  • Infrastructure
  • Scholarships
  • Placements
  • Internships
  • Review from alumni
  • International management exposure
  • Campus life

The above mentioned key points will be the main demands in the mind of students while choosing for the best management institute. The students will be more satisfied when all these factors are ensured by the chosen institute. By selecting a college like MIIM which provide all the above-mentioned factors, students can ensure that they are selecting the best choice.

Marian International Institute of Management is the best one who can ensure all these demands of a normal student. The institute will provide the essential facilities which are good and beneficial for building a good future for their students. It is a promising institute which will always conduct any activities for the interest of the students and also for the wellbeing of their better future. The institute itself devotes a majority of the time to develop the job related and personality-related programs that would play a pivotal role in developing the student as good management personnel.

The Advantages of MIIM

  • The cool climate is itself a motivation to dream and do more
  • The infrastructure is very lush
  • The immense faculty support in academic and non-academic matters
  • The dedicated and syllabus oriented classroom sessions
  • Activities are planned and organized to improve each individual as management personnel
  • Encourage everyone to participate in almost all activities
  • Personal development is the most promising factor of MIIM training
  • The training is happening both internal and external of the campus
  • Sometimes the challenging tasks given to raise the students become more competitive
  • The classroom presentations and extempore in between the classes will erase the stage fear and shyness.
  • The tight competitions happen inside and outside the campus will motivate to participate more
  • Each and every task are intentionally aimed to ensure the personal development of each student.
  • Proper guidance and mentorship will help to erase the management related doubts.
  • CALIGO Management Fest is one of the top management fests in Kerala that would be a chance for management trainees to get the practical knowledge
  • Outbound Training (OBT) is the best chance to get the adventurous mentality to achieve more in future.
  • Best Placement – 95% of students placed in the last educational year

There are many other minutes and undetermined factors that would invisibly make an impact on the overall development of an individual during the course term. The institute itself devoted their most of the effort and time to develop their students at its maximum.

MBA is not just a usual PG course but it requires both theoretical and practical exposure to know much more about the business scenario to work better in future. The theory part only could not help an aspirant to get the right job and to perform the job in the right manner.  The practical knowledge will be the most important fact that would help the normal person to excel in the business field. MIIM is the best decision for doing MBA and it can be evident from the best feedback provided by alumni.

Key factors that impressed me a lot at MIIM

Studying in an international level institute within the country is very satisfactory

The friendly and welcoming nature of the institute is very attractive

The happiness and confidence in the face of alumni whenever they talk about the college.

Supportive and at the same time friendly faculties are a great relief

Growth and the development-oriented environment is very helpful to improve more

The posh facilities, smart classrooms and a big library is very cherishing

Management lessons from inside and outside of the campus are very effective to build a great future

There are many other factors which will be more beneficial for each and every management trainees to achieve their goals. The value and the importance of MIIM can be definitely understood once you get into the institute and you will be very happy for sure.

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