September 22, 2023

Dec 31  2019, 11:59 PM everyone was set to scream their lungs out “Happy New Year”, ready to make new resolutions, new promises, new plans. A ray of hope to correct the things that went wrong the previous year.

Yes, we witnessed the start of 2020.

January passed in its new- merry. Everyone was busy keeping up their resolutions. By month’s end came the news, “A new kind of virus has been detected in a student in Kerala who came from Wuhan. No one cared about the news and neglected that virus considering it as a simple flue.

But the virus was not ready to get neglected. It started spreading, spreading in a vigorously faster rate. At such a rate that now this was the only topic, everyone around spoke about.

A serious phase of tension, panic and anxiety. People started getting afraid of stepping out of their places. Still, as it says “The show must go on”, among this tension everyone continued with their works and studies, but this time in fear.

No one would have expected that this 50 nanometers creature could create such an atmosphere of panic all around the world. The scientists, health workers, and predictors all stood clueless on “What now”.

India was struggling to find a solution and then yet another new word other than “CORONA” was introduced, “LOCKDOWN”. A complete lockdown where everyone, willingly or unwillingly were forced to stay within their houses.

To be honest, first, this seemed very relaxing. A perfect time to spend with the family. Be in your room and be around your people.
Many started developing new hobbies. Some into gardening, some into yoga some into cooking.

The roads were still, quiet and calm. This time not the car horns, but the birds chirping woke us up.

I wonder how hard it might have been for the birds, animals and creatures to understand what went wrong with the human around them.

The sky smiled after a long long time and yes the freshness could be felt in the air.

This pandemic made everyone come together and proved that even after all the boundaries that man-made, in the end, everyone is just a Human Being.

The religious places were shut and everyone discovered a God within themselves and realized that there is no point in dividing people on their religion, because all we call is the same eternal energy for help, regardless of the sculpture that we join our hands in front of.

All the predictor’s jobs were in danger and all the human Gods vanished in thin air, as no one ever had predicted that something this worse would ever happen and this made everyone realize that indeed “Life is Unpredictable”.

While there were people enjoying the me-time with their dear ones, there were some other people weeping to reach their dear ones.

We all might have laughed at the option of reaching a place walking in 21 days, but at this time it was not something to laugh, but the only hope for people to reach their homes. People started walking kilometres and kilometres for days just to have a glance of their beloved one.

There were people enjoying their “Work from home”, while there were families going to sleep empty stomach for days as they had no other option than to starve.

There were kids waiting to meet their friends and started getting frustrated about being stuck with 4 walls.

This phase of lockdown, as it kept elongating, reduced the excitements as everyone had in its beginning.

Schools and colleges slowly opened but this time they could hug their friends but only could text a “Hi”. There were many meetings for the first time but now in a virtual world.

Everything was awkward. Nothing felt real.

Everyone started missing the good old days.

The scientists are still struggling to come up with a full stop for this.

And just as a blink of an eye, here we are getting ready to scream out our lungs again saying “ Happy new year”, but this time in much more hope than excitement that 2021 will get everything back to normal.

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