October 3, 2023

December has always been the most beautiful time of the year with the winter winds howling and the jingling of bells rolling with the impeccably adorable decorations at every corner of the city, that indicates the onset of Christmas Eve.

“Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year. This festival commemorates the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. Although it is a festival, people from different communities celebrate with great fervour and enthusiasm this auspicious day.

Certainly, it is also said that Christmas is a time for family and it is filled with magic, joy, and celebrations. For parents, the look of wonder and joy on their young children’s faces are some of their most treasured memories of the season.

This is the time when our family is eagerly waiting for the holidays to start, and to be more honest- a key part of the holidays is all about the preparations for the festival that begins in full swing at least a month in advance, decorating Christmas trees with stars, images of Santa, balloons festoons ornaments, welcoming guests, baking cakes and cookies, singing carols, and exchanging gifts make Christmas the most awaited holiday of the year.

The tradition of making Christmas Cribs is something that adds spice to this pleasant festival isn’t it? This crib gets decked up with all sparkling lights, gifts and most importantly exhibiting the Nativity scenes in the most innovative way with figures representing the infant Jesus, Mother Mary, and Joseph has always been a thrill. But as we are getting older it seems more difficult to keep the Christmas magic alive in our eyes.

So, without breaking the tradition let me help you to reminisce at the Extravagant Christmas Traditions beginning with:

  • Decorating the Christmas tree

A Christmas without a Christmas tree would be absolutely incomplete. That’s true, the Christmas tree is one of the symbols most easily associated with the festival of Christmas. The Christmas tree takes the pride of place in every living room of every home from Christmas and right up to New Year. Usually, the Presents are placed under the Christmas tree which is wrapped in gift boxes and opened on the day of Christmas, decorating a Christmas tree spells family time as it brings the whole family together right before and at Christmas time. People, irrespective of regions and cultures plan on beautifying their Christmas tree and one can get as creative or individualistic as they want to in the process of looking after and decorating their Christmas tree.

  • Singing Carols and Enacting Plays

Kids singing Christmas carols like, “Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle all the way”
These are the traditions that bring immense joy to everyone’s heart, the plays that usually depict the Nativity scene associated with the birth of Jesus Christ this may also consist of adaptations to the same theme but this is something which I miss the most about the school life. And secondly the word carol this represents a festive song most associated with the festival of Christmas. No festive occasion can be complete without music. This holds true meaning for Christmas. People sing carols and songs to create the perfect atmosphere for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Let me also tell there are amazing carol competitions that are conducted in many schools’ colleges and churches every year without fail, this makes the festival look even more lively.

  • Santa Claus

This is another one attractive aspect of the Christmas, Kids are especially enthusiastic about Christmas as they expect Santa Claus to visit them and bring gifts to their homes on the night of Christmas Eve Santa Claus brings with itself the special message of hope, happiness, joy, and merriment!

‘Santa’ has been around since the 4th century. Originally known as Saint Nicholas, the patron of children and sailors, the bishop was immortalized because of his generous and loving nature towards children.

He says, never let down that magical element of innocence from your life. Keep the child within you always alive and make sure that you add, a little of that element in everything you are doing.

Santa Claus, with his big fat bag of gifts, he represents abundance and happiness! And, the secret Santa, every year at Christmas, comes up with wonderful gifts that can make people happy. His fun-filled way of gifting has always been exhilarating! Right?

  • Christmas Gifting and Exchanging Christmas Cards

One of the most popular and enjoyable traditions on Christmas is exchanging gifts on Christmas eve or Christmas morning. Like we know everyone loves receiving gifts on Christmas. Children, with their innocence, wait eagerly to get gifts. I also remember days when I use to work hard and prepare the best Christmas cards to give to my grandparents and friends. In many countries’ children hang stockings believing that it will be filled with goodies by Santa Claus. But as adults we understand the significance of giving more than receiving and plan way ahead to get something thoughtful for our near and dear ones.

  • Christmas Dinner 

And Finally, the last but not the least The Christmas Dinner. After the long mesmerizing carols and cheers followed by the holy mid-night mass, the Christmas dinner is the primary meal eaten on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day that one cannot miss! Though the menu of this meal may differ across various regions or cultures some of the essential items which are Candies, Christmas Pudding, Christmas Cake and Wines are present more or less in every menu. The whole charm of cooking and eating Christmas dinner with family and people close to you is what makes it different from any meal.

No matter how old we get, the anticipation of counting down to the event can make it seem exciting for us and the rest of the families.  We all know that Christmas is a festival which is cherished by people from all faiths and religions. It reminds us of the importance of sharing, exchanging gifts and living in peace and harmony with our family and friends. So, let’s celebrate this Christmas 2020 with immense joy in our heart though, this year’s Christmas would definitely look different because of the constraints, but I hope that we all make this Christmas most beautiful and a memorable one keeping intact all the traditions and customs of the Christmas.

Have a wonderful Christmas to all!

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