October 3, 2023
Significance of business education in Real life

Deciding to pursue an MBA is a very critical situation for individual who are planning to become a manager in the future. MBA will enable a person to enhance the competencies to withstand this competitive world. But do anyone imagined the impact of business lessons in reality? How an MBA degree could make changes in the life of a person? Whether it will be a curse or a boom? MBA is one of the toughest courses in the world and it requires a great vision and focuses to achieve the target. The person must possess various interpersonal skills to pass the course. It is not just an ordinary degree program. The value and the effect of having an MBA certificate will take the person to a great level in a career as well as in real life also. Because the program can assure a pile of advantages when we took the degree from a well-organized business school. After MBA graduation one will get a high salary, management positions, work abroad, develop and maintain a strong professional network and also can become your own boss within a few years of experience. These are the major benefits of doing an MBA.

In addition to all these professional changes, business education can also bring positive changes to the life of an individual. Management training and lessons could improve one’s behavior. It can also influence the viewpoint of an individual about various aspects thus this will be a great benefit for an individual to excel in real life and professional life. The degree extends an offer to explore the latest trends and technology and thus it will improve the skill set of an individual. The MBA aspirant could differentiate himself before and after the term of MBA graduates. The importance of money, financial management, leadership skills, flexibility to different situations, adaptability, etc. will be the main changes that will happen to the person after MBA graduation.

The main significance of business education that can make changes in real life are:

  • The leadership and management skill of the individual will enhance
  • Clarity about purchasing quality and affordable products
  • The person will start to check the price tag before purchasing even if he or she is very rich or not.
  • Started to calculate the expenses and the balance of the accounts automatically
  • Create new networks and expand the connections
  • Ability to manage difficult situations and financial crisis practically
  • Will possess different interpersonal skills
  • Critical thinking and presence of mind is another quality of an MBA graduate
  • Adaptable to the unavoidable changes of the developing world
  • The MBA graduate will get an idea about what is the economy and how it actually operates in our real life
  • Always keep updated
  • Will acquire the experience and get expert in start one’s own business
  • The attitude makes up over 50% of professional success.
  • Accepting the challenges as the way it is and face them confidently
  • Will reduce the fear of public speaking and stage fear
  • Will possess a creative way to solve and handle any situation’
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Time management quality
  • Decision-making skills

These are the major skills ensured by the MBA graduation to have in an individual. This will positively make difference in the behavior and attitude of an employee and thus it will effectively give better output.


MBA at Marian International Institute of Management will be a great experience for an individual while pursuing the course for 2 years. The classroom presentations, competitions, and guest talks will enable the aspirant to become excel in public speaking and communication. The individuals can differentiate themselves clearly during the term before and after the course. The course thus will help each and everyone to achieve great heights in the future. The MIIM qualities will be:

  • The class hours from morning 8.30 am to 8.30 pm will make the students more flexible
  • The continuously changing climate in Kuttikanam will make the students withstand any unfavorable situations
  • The frequent classroom presentations will eradicate the stage fear
  • Always motivate the students to come in front of an audience
  • The Placement Readiness Enhancement Program (PREP) will change the attitude of an individual to communicate well as a trainer
  • The OBT will enhance the competitive mind and determination to succeed

MBA itself is focusing on various streams and the students could get a wider idea about every field is an advantage when compared with many other courses. The MBA itself is a very effective course and if it is pursued by MIIM, then it would be a great chance and opportunity to get the quality training to become an expert in multiple fields.

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