October 3, 2023
busting myths of mba

Busting Myths of MBA

There are hundreds of business schools are emerged in our nation, but still, there are various ambiguities prevailing in the mind of common people regarding the MBA course. Since the increased popularity and positive approach towards management education arises, course-related confusions also exist. MBA will be a great choice for those students who have the passion to build their career in the business field, but they have to face the equally risky fact of convincing the guardians. Especially in a country like India the parents and relatives show a pessimistic approach towards the decision of the child. Lack of proper awareness about the course and its futuristic job opportunities will be a great barrier to get permission from the guardians. The majority of us have a judgment that an MBA graduate should start a business by himself in order to become successful in life and those who are financially weak are not allowed to take the degree. Because the society itself created such mysteries and it is passing through generation by generation. But we have to take some time to deeply evaluate the accuracy of these myths when compared with reality. In this post, we are discussing the Busting Myths of MBA.

What is the actual benefit of doing an MBA? Investing in an MBA is actually worthwhile or not? MBA is actually one of the most difficult and popular courses in the whole world. The value and the dignity of an MBA degree earn that much significance in the career path of an individual while he or she opt for their profession in the business field. MBA is not only a course for those who are planning to become entrepreneurs, but it is also a starting point for those interested aspirants who want to get an entry into MNCs. World-renowned multinational companies always give little more priority to candidates who have an MBA degree certificate in the recruitment process. Management becomes a vital part of an organization structure and hence the firms started to recruit professionals with managerial skills. The MBA graduate can expect some scope in the applicant pool and there will be a great chance to be shortlisted also. Exaggerating only the negative aspects will become a great barrier to take better decisions in any circumstances. Whether it can happen in deciding a career or anything in our life also.

Despite all these opportunities, still, some myths holding back a large group of people to pursue an MBA.  India is a country with a high literacy rate, but still, this mindset is a confusing fact. We have to seek and check the reality of surrounding misconceptions related to the most aspired course in India.

The main myths of doing an MBA

  1. It is luxurious and requires a huge investment. Only rich people can do an MBA.


Any PG course, whether it is an MBA or whatever will definitely cost some money. Investment should be made wisely to get the most benefit out of the money and time we spend on pursuing a course. Doing MBA in a well-established B school may incur some amount for getting quality training at a recognized university.

  1. MBA is a waste of time


When anyone shows interest to go for an MBA, this will be the usual comment from the elders most of the time. They are unaware of the benefit and the scope of management lessons that could enhance the career path of an individual. Normally every MBA degree is a 2-year long program and during this term, the aspirant could learn and practice major management lessons. Because there will always be requirements for good managers and subject matter experts.

  1. Couldn’t find any better job opportunities and there will be no stability in management jobs


The majority of the people considered that there would be no scope of getting better jobs after an MBA. Even if one got the job, they make a judgment that the job will be no longer exists. The salary and the security of the job will be very low is again another myth related to this. Today the world is developing and it requires experts to manage and control the firm’s operations will be a great opportunity for management trainees. The course mainly focuses on developing skills that will propel any individual to become better professionals and experts in the business field.

  1. MBA specializations limit the job


Another misconception is that the study of MBA might limited to finance, HR, IB, and marketing. But the real fact is that the MBA program will enable a person to become more flexible and expertise to manage any situations ahead. And also nowadays a variety of courses are offered with B schools. MBA is a unique course designed by providing multi-disciplinary functions in mind to cope up with any situation and is not limited to any specific industry.

  1. MBA might not be the right course for those who have not studied business or management in an undergraduate degree.


Bachelor’s degree in management subjects is not at all a mandatory rule for taking a master’s in MBA. Any degree holders could able to apply for getting admission in MBA and it doesn’t limit the student in connection with former education. The past of the student will not be a constraint for pursuing MBA in any recognized college.

  1. MBA degree from India is not valid abroad


The B schools in India is under-recognized universities and they follow the proper syllabus. The structure of education provided by B schools in India exclusively following the experiential and practical learning system that would help to find innovative aspirants. The successful professionals in the business field are invited from all over the industry as guest faculties to the college have become an integral part of the regular curriculum in every Indian B schools. Many top management institutes in India are also included in the World’s Top Best Institutes for pursuing MBA.

  1. Demand for MBA graduates is declining and recently it is considered as a mere degree course


No matter which industry is, there will be always demand exists for good expert managers. MBA will help to inculcate versatile skills such as critical and analytical thinking, leadership quality, time management, and entrepreneurship among professionals which make each and every aspirant become more resourceful. Hence the multi-skilled management professionals and experts are always in demand.

  1. Fall is the market position of management graduates


The market of MBA professionals will not fall down because still many industries are suffering a severe lack of skilled management professionals and experts. Every employer is seeking for expert approach from the management trainees and the quality training from the institute thus can ensure a better career for the students in well-reputed companies. So we hope we were able to Bust Myths of MBA.

These are the usual misconceptions about pursuing an MBA degree and its relative realities. The candidate should take expert advice from the industry professionals to get a clear idea before taking any wrong decision.  While they are planning to go for the same, then don’t give your attention to negative comments and only pursue your heart to reach the passion. Because you only can know what you actually want better than any other.



Marian International Institute of Management is giving its best to provide quality management training to each and every student. The attitude and the skill set of the student reach a great position and thus they can find themselves as a better management professional after 2 years of the course term. The classroom presentations, quiz competitions, seminars, and professional guest talks could help them to explore at its best. The outbound training and student exchange program with the institute in Malaysia is a great chance for the students to get a great experience and understand foreign management training. The guest faculty from Malaysia will also help the students to get value education and hence it can bring a great impact on the skill set of the aspirants.

In short, an MBA at MIIM literally breaks many usual myths through their proper education and training.

  • Out of campus activities
  • Affordable course fee
  • NAC Accreditation
  • NBA Accreditation in 2019
  • Variety of specialization streams

The value education and quality training offered by MIIM will catch the attention of many aspirants. The institute itself created a benchmark for management training and the students are successfully placed in many MNCs all over India and also outside the country. The determination and the involvement of the student also bring changes to their life along with quality guidance and thus they can build their career in the most beautiful way as they expected.

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