October 2, 2023

Top MBA specializations & How to choose?

MBA degree itself offered the management trainees to opt for their specialization according to their choice and it will teach the students detailed insights about particular subjects. It will ensure practical and experiential lessons as well. And thus it opens an immense opportunity for each candidate to enhance their career in the field of business management. Earning an MBA qualification in an interesting field could help each one to grab great achievements and can build a great career ahead. Specialization in MBA which aims to allow the students to gain in-depth knowledge about a specific topic and to expertise in that particular domain. The specialization will be the deciding factor of a person’s career and through specialization, only he or she can confidently opt for a specific career option. The student should decide which specialization should be taken to plan his or her future in the stream of business management. In this post, we are discussing the top MBA specializations & how to choose?

There are roughly 30 MBA specializations being offered by different business schools in India. Generally, finance, marketing, human resource, operations, IT, international business, and supply chain are the major streams which are taken by most of the candidates. But there are still other streams which are not at all familiar for the students. Each and every stream have their own relevance and scope in the path of business management. The students will always go for the safest options and the others will follow them. With the drastic change in time and technology, the scope of business needs also changed. And so the candidates are now moving towards new specializations and they are taking a high risk to get a better future.

The management institutes will allow their students to choose one or dual specializations and train them to capture more skills in that specific domain. After the completion of the course with specialization, the candidate can devote his or her entire working life is that particular interesting area. It could help the students to find out the job especially in their own interesting field of business.

The Top MBA Specializations

We have already said that the MBA course may include many opportunities to choose one’s own interesting subject. Here we are trying to list out the most familiar and most chosen MBA specializations in India.

  1. MBA in Finance
  2. MBA in Marketing
  3. MBA in HR
  4. MBA in Operations Management
  5. MBA in Supply chain & logistics
  6. MBA in IT
  7. MBA in IB
  8. MBA in Entrepreneurship
  9. MBA in CSR

MBA in Finance

Finance is one of the most demanded specializations in MBA which mainly focuses on management accounting and control, money market, capital structure, banking, and international finance. The student may get skills in managing the accounts and budgets of the company. After completing an MBA in finance, one can choose their career in banking, financial consultancies, and institutions.

MBA in Marketing

It is also considered as the most wanted MBA specialization which will offer great chances in building a better career. It is the most popular and creative specialization among MBA aspirants. Unlike other specializations, this would demand some creativity and presence of mind in order to become excellent in this field. If the aspirant who has inborn qualities in effective communication and influential character, they can surely opt for marketing in MBA. The student should possess sharp skills and knowledge in marketing strategies, public relations, and advertising. The marketing aspirant can excel in their field with proper marketing skills and thus they can easily enter into the corporate world.


Every company and every field needs skilled human resources and so the demand for specialization in HR is thus increasing. The specialization imparts the skills and knowledge which is essential for an aspirant to train and manage the workforce in the organization. The actual role of an HR professional is to develop and maintain a new working culture in the organization and hire the best talents to the organization. The HR professional should focus on retaining and ensuring the welfare of each and every employee working in the organization.

MBA in Operations Management

Completing an MBA with a specialization in operations management will enable the candidate to understand what all are the activities exactly needed to run a business entity effectively and efficiently. It includes planning, organizing, controlling, and supervising all manufacturing processes and this option will be very ideal for students who have an engineering background.

MBA in Supply chain & Logistics

This specialization will offer great career opportunities for professionals with an exponential rate of growth in online trade during the COVID and post-COVID periods. The world is now changing drastically and shifting the mode of operations online, thus the demand for employment opportunities in the supply chain & logistics is increasing day by day. The related skills and lessons will enable the students to get clarity about the innovations and challenges caused in the field of supply chain and logistics. This will improve the competency of an individual in this competitive world.


Since we are living in a technology-driven world, this course will help the students to enrich their IT-enabled managerial skills and abilities which will frame them to become a more competent manager of a digitally dominant corporate world. The specialization always focuses on training the candidates to understand the complex problems faced by a company during transitions to an e-management platform in the industry. With the emerging information and communications technologies, this will enable the candidates to get an expertized idea about how to deal with the technical side of business management.

MBA in International Business

Most of the emerging companies shifting their operations globally rather than staying stable in their own home country. Thus the significance of international relationships is today more demanding and thus the employment opportunities are growing fast. The companies who are planning to spread their roots globally need skilled and highly educated manpower to manage things effectively to catch a position in the international market. An MBA in international business offers a more exciting and bright career in global business management. The candidates who have the ability to adapt to a changing environment and multicultural work environment can easily settle in this field.

MBA in Entrepreneurship

Rather than working as an employee, entrepreneurs are persons who organize a venture to benefit from an opportunity. This specialization will enable the students who are planning to become an entrepreneur in the future to achieve their dreams and convert their passion into stat-ups. The capacity and capability of a candidate could enhance by capturing an understanding of the skills and qualities that should be needed for an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurship is itself a risky decision and its associative activities should demand a high range of attention and focus. The students with an entrepreneur business background could easily enter into venturing but others who are going for the first time should possess some experience and capital.

MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility

This is a special kind of specialization that is offered through an MBA in order to make the aspirants understand the internal and external activities of a company that would have an effect on the external world.  The behaviour of an entity should be always in favour of the external environment without causing any damage to society as well. The students get to study the different nature of various organizations and their management in this world. The students get an idea about how a private or even a public company should operate in our environment without causing any disaster.

How to choose the MBA specialization

The student must choose the specializations according to their level of interest and passion. They also have to consider some factors while opting for their specialization in MBA. They are:

  • Personal interest and passion
  • Consider long term career goal
  • Career scope of the specialization
  • The quality and strength of the faculty in the institute who is in charge of the chosen specialization
  • Pedagogy and Infrastructure related to your specialization
  • Consider internship and placement opportunities of the specialization

SO we hope we were clearly discussed Top MBA specializations & How to choose them?

MBA at Marian International Institute of Management

The MBA at MIIM will be a different experience than every student could ensure. While talking about the specialization, Marian institute will provide the opportunity to take a dual specialization and this could help the aspirants to plan their career successfully in 2 different fields. The faculties and infrastructure provided by the institute to each specialization are equally efficient and it will ensure effective training for each student in MIIM. At the beginning of 3rd semester, the faculties will give awareness about each specialization and its relative scope of building a career for the students. If they find any difficulties, the students can select their options along with the guidance of faculties.

MBA at MIIM – Top MBA College in Kerala

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