September 23, 2023


The job market has been in turmoil especially amid this pandemic, but there are opportunities that can be found even in disguise if we keep our eyes wide open. When it comes to an MBA graduate there are always opportunities, but the candidate must make a wise decision while choosing the right job. The MBA aspirants have to make a clear decision about the career they want to chase, identify all the best chances available, analyze the pros and cons, and select the best option.

The parameters for the aspirants in selecting their dream job may vary i.e. it depends on the nature of the job, its scope, the role, and for somewhat matters most is the pay scale. Above all this, what should be considered most is one’s own passion and dream or the job which suits them the best. Most of the time, the students immediately after the completion of their post-graduation select any job without analyzing any details about the job role. Once they start the job, they will get exhausted and may resign from it without even a one-year experience.

In this article, we discuss in detail the various job opportunities after MBA and important aspects to be considered while choosing a job after MBA, the most popular job sectors for the MBA aspirants, and salary prospects, etc.


Taking up a job is always not easy it is a significant phase in everyone’s life that needs utmost care and patience. So, there are a few factors to be considered while choosing their best job. They are:

  • Job specification:

    It is better to have a detailed understanding of the job profile instead of picking up all the job that comes to you. Identify your interest and the field you want to pursue your career. Select the job which suits you but sometimes it may require little patience. The job profile selection is crucial as it is the pavement towards the path of professionalism.

  • Company profile:

    when you are job-ready, it is important to analyze the nature of the job, the goodwill of the company, the opportunities provided by the company for career development, the future prospect of the company, etc. should be understood to select the best option.

  • Opportunities offered by the employers:

    Procuring a job is a significant success in one’s life but the focus on better options is also important to find new areas for career development. Rather than always sticking to a single job one needs to identify new platforms and ideas. So, while selecting your organization see the opportunities offered by employers like training, counseling programs, etc.

  • Location of the job:

    If you choose to take up a job outside your city try to make detailed analyses about the cost of living, accommodation, and transportation expenses. Then compare the salary you earn the expenses that will acquire and decide in accordance with the analyses.

  • Salaries and benefits:

    Most of the time freshers take up jobs with less salary if they don’t have any experience. But they should compare their expenses and earnings and must ensure that they are able to make something out of what they earn.


While pursuing your post-graduation degree itself the aspirants must have an insight into all the popular job opportunities available for them and try to sort out the best option of their interest. Now, let’s look at all the career opportunities available for the top MBA specializations and their salary prospects.

MBA in Finance

The finance specialization in MBA is the most promising option with tremendous scope for career growth. The finance specialization has got growth prospects in banking, financial services, and the insurance sector. Financial management focuses on planning, managing, budgeting, and regulating financial investment analysis asset of the company.

Banking and finance: It mainly includes portfolio management and security & investment analysis. The banking job can be in both the public and private sectors.  The top organization in this field are Barclays, RBS, Nomura, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc.

Investment banking: This is a highly demanded career option for an MBA Finance aspirant. Some of the top companies hiring include Bank of American Continuum, SBI capital market, Motilal Oswal, etc.

Salary prospects: In India, the aspirants from top B-school look can get an annual salary of 10-15 lakhs. And candidates from other institutes can earn a starting package of 4-6 lakhs. The salary also increases with one’s experience and knowledge. A senior professional financier can earn up to 35-50 lakh and even above per year.

MBA in Marketing

The marketing graduates are specialized in brand marketing, sales, executive and leadership skills, market research, consumer behavior marketing channels, etc. once they complete their graduation they can find jobs in advertising agencies, marketing companies, FMCG sector and IT, etc. the prime recruiters in the marketing field comprises Capgemini, IndusInd bank, Accenture, Amazon and so on.

Salary prospects: A marketing professional in India can have an annual salary package starting from 3.5 – 18 lakhs. This could also increase along with the number of years of experience from 15- 40 lakhs annually.

MBA in Human Resource Management

The HR management arena has just got trending during this decade when companies realized the worthiness of employees as the most precious resources. An HR professional is taught about all the right skills, all the best industry HR practices, labor laws, and the best ways to manage human resources to make them perform their best. Every company got employees and they really need a professional to deal with them at best.

Salary prospects: A fresher from B-school could earn up to 2.5 lakhs annually, as the experience increases an HR professional could earn up to 25-40 lakhs per annum.

MBA in operation Management

This profession is all about optimizing business operations, like quality and cost, manufacturing time, augmenting productivity, and finding new ways to make customers’ satisfaction.  The major recruiters of operation professionals include Damco, Blue Dart, First Flight, GAIL, ONGC, and NHPC, etc. the prospective sector where an operations professional can excel including retail, logistics, Hospitality, Transportation, Manufacturing, Construction, Financial Institutions, Management Consulting, Information Technology.

Salary prospects: The salary for an operations manager starts from 4-7.5 lakhs and for reputed B-school may go for 6- 10 lakhs per annum. An experienced senior operation professional may go up to 28-40 lakhs per annum.

Some other popular job opportunities after MBA regardless of the specialization are also discussed below:

Management consulting:

The management graduates are equipped with good problem-solving skills as the management consultants’ job revolves around solving organizational issues. They need to innovate new ideas to sort out all the concerns that may happen in an organization. Infosys management consulting, Deloitte, KPMG, BCC, and Cognizant are few top recruiters of management consultants.


This is the most promising and favored career option that turned out to MBA graduates. They are equipped with all entrepreneur skills during their academics which gave them the confidence for being an entrepreneur. Rather than experience, it’s one innovative and creative skills are required to excel in this career.

Data Analytics:

Big data and analytics are a trending professional for the aspirants due to the digital revolution and so the companies are keen to hire professionals with excellent analytical skills. Every organization today deals with big data for the better and smooth running of business especially in retailing, e-commerce, etc. The LatentView Analysis, Fractal Analytics, etc., are few popular companies who hire MBA graduates as data analysts or data scientists.


Marian International Institute of Management is a pioneer MBA institute in Kerala with NBA accreditation with 100% placement for its students. All the extra-curricular activities equip the students with all the skills to outshine in their careers. The students get a lot of opportunities and platforms to polish their communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills. From the first year itself, the student is given placement training along with the academics, which makes them industry-ready by the end of their graduation. The management fest which is conducted every year with great efforts of the students is molding all the students into professional managers.

The placement training arms students with necessary aids to deal with interviews, group discussions, and reasoning skills, mathematical skills, etc. The students are highly appreciated for their extra-curricular activities. They can bring new innovative ideas as an entrepreneur and start their enterprises with the full support of the incubation center. The assignments given by the faculties are not merely theories to be copied from the library resources they are often field visits which gives them first-hand experience and knowledge to deal in real life too.

In MIIM, even before the students officially graduate, they will get placed at top companies like Federal Bank, TCS, Unilever, Reliance, Byju’s, and other top companies across India. The students with their excellent technical and practical knowledge top position in the companies which makes MIIM the favourite destination for great companies to hire students to their companies. We hope we were able to cover all the job opportunities after MBA.

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