September 28, 2023
extracurricular activities at miim

Extracurricular activities at Marian International Institute of Management


Nature itself blessed the Marian International Institute of Management (MIIM) to be the most unique business school in Kerala. The mist and the beauty of Kuttikanam always attract and refresh everyone’s mind and eyes also. That is the major reason why Kuttikanam becomes the most unique tourist spot in Kerala. Everyone climb the hills and enjoy the climate to smoothen their stressful mind and body as well. Could you imagine that an educational center can fix its location at the most beautiful tourist destination? Yes, it is clearly evident in the presence of MIIM at the heart of Kuttikanam. The students are more attracted to the climate as well as the natural beauty of Marian. In spite of the natural beauty, the institute itself providing so many opportunities for the aspirants to create their college life more colorful. The natural aesthetics along with the energetic atmosphere created by the Institute itself are very welcoming factors.


At first, everyone’s attention been on climate and nature but then after the admission they will get more attached to the institute more. That is what MIIM offers to each and every student come over there. Once you get into the campus, the coolest part is that the total infrastructure of the college itself. The entrance is very warm and there are a big basketball court, indoor badminton court, and gym facilities provided for both male and female aspirants. The classroom itself is very cherishing to the eyes and the immense facilities are unimaginable.

Extracurricular activities

  1. Sports

The institute equally giving importance to the education and the interest of the students also. The well-established basketball court and indoor badminton court is its clear evidence. The faculties and the surrounding itself encourage us to participate in various athletic items and they will always support us in every stage. They push each and every interested student forward and motivate them to be the best version of themselves during the tenure of course. During the month of October and November, the campus will schedule the sports day followed by the arts day and the institute itself make all the arrangements for the proper completion of all events. Everyone should always enthusiastically participate and this might bring a great bond with the campus as well.

  1. Arts

Arts day would be the most colorful day of the campus that we felt by the end of 2 years. The immense showcase of talents, skills, smartness, role handling, and the whole power should exhibit at that time. Qualities like story writing, poem writing, essay writing, drawing, dancing, singing, etc. are highly evaluated with the guidance of expert faculties. It is the moment of lots of happiness within our mind and the campus itself full of jubilation and high spirits. The students can explore their talents and get a self-assessment of each one’s caliber.

  1. PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint presentation (PPT) is an integral part of a management trainee. At MIIM each and every program conducted and arranged with well-prepared PPTs. The classroom presentations, club inaugurations, even a book review is well supported by PPTs. When a student gets out off of the campus they will become the masters in presentation and public speaking. It ensures a great change in the personal development of an individual and it will drastically enhance the confidence level of each.

  1. Mentor group activities

From the first day itself, each and every student will be under the guidance of expert faculties in the institute and it brings a great difference in the post-graduation life of an MBA trainee. The mentor plays a significant role in building the personality, attitude, and self-esteem of a student during the course. Each mentor will handle about 10 students and he or she will guide them through all the possible positive ways throughout. They will make each and everyone to be the most competent and energetic one. The mentor will always be there like a friend or a guardian to discuss any academic-related or even personal matters also. Thus the students will start to feel comfortable and feel at home.

  1. Expert talks

Each week the students got great chances to listen to eminent personalities who could be from anywhere around the world.  Facing honorable individuals and grasping the great thoughts and information they provided had a great impact on shaping the viewpoint of a new management trainee. The discussions, seminars, guest talks, and value education sessions are all part of this. Training will be also conducted by an external trainer in this way so that the students could get clarity about the various unique training activities and competitions that prevailed in the outer world.

  1. Weekly Newspaper quiz

The significance of knowledge about current affairs and the outer business world is playing a great part in framing the future of each management trainee.  Everyday newspaper reading is a compulsory activity for each and every student and they will be provided with English newspapers in order to get proficiency in the English language also. When first-year aspirants start with Economic Times the second year trainees will be experts in reading Business Line. The different newspapers are provided with an aim of improving the efficiency of knowledge capturing power and professional language as well.

  1. Weekly current issue analysis

At the end of every week, there will be a quiz prepared from that week’s important news which is conducted by one mentor group following by current issue analysis. The current issue is nothing but a critical and exclusive evaluation of a particular incident that happened and discussed in news recently. One mentor group will take a currently prevalent or dominating topic in society and conduct a detailed discussion in front of all faculties and students. And this is followed by question and answer sessions which will improve the enthusiasm of students to discuss, ask, and seek information out of it effectively. This will also eradicate the stage fear by facing a very positive and attentive mass in front of them.

  1. Participate in various international management fests

Students got a great chance to participate in various management fests conducted by other renowned colleges spread all over India. It will be great exposure for each one through their participation. The management and faculties push the students to attend the management games and it should be a great motivation to get the price. Winning the prize is something a golden feather for the college and it also beneficial for the aspirants to get to know about the external world.

  1. CALIGO Management Fest

It is the uniqueness of MIIM. CALIGO is a well famous international management fest that is exclusively coordinated and conducted by the Management aspirants in Marian International Institute of Management. The students are the coordinators of all the activities like management games, interior and exterior decoration committee, cultural committee, food committee, transportation, accommodation committee, hospitality committee, security committee, and so on. It is a great new experience for each and they get to know how to manage and implement various management lessons practically. Literally, it is a practical session for each and every management aspirants to implement their knowledge, skill, and talent to effectively control an international management fest like CALIGO. The tagline “let the caliber rule” is itself evidence for the effective implementation of skills and abilities.

  1. Club activities

The students can select their interested areas of management streams and they can become a part of the respective club. At MIIM there is a Marketing club, HR club, Finance club, and the future entrepreneurs can get into the entrepreneurship club (EQ club). Each club will conduct different activities in order to encourage the students to perform and motivates them to come forward. Each club activities try to makes a positive urge and it creates a sense of competition within them.

  1. Student government

The students themselves can elect the chairperson of the student union and its relative members. The student union will handle and manage the problem of students themselves. The chairperson will be a significant position and he or she will get the ultimate power.

12. Out Bound Training (OBT)

It is a 2-day program in which the students at MIIM will get a great chance to capture the management lessons from outside the campus. During the 2nd term of the MBA course, the students are taken to the most adventurous place near Munnar where they are divided into various groups and they will encounter various adventurous activities over there. Every task given to the groups will teach management lessons like team coordination, leadership quality, strategy making, time management, competitive approach, and presence of mind. The students have to stay in a tent during the night after the campfire and they can have lots of fun within these 2 days. Trucking, kayaking, and ropeway experience is the major attraction of the trip.

OBT Batch A Team work Outbound training  Outbound training Outbound training OBT Batch A MIIM OBT Batch A MIIM Kayaking OBT Batch A MIIM Kayaking OBT Batch A Team work OBT Batch A Team work OBT Batch A Trekking OBT Batch A Fire walk OBT Batch A Team work

13. Industrial Visit

The institute itself put effort to take the students to various industries located within India. The IV will be conducted for 1 day and students could get clarity about the activities actually taken place in the industry. Examine the working conditions and the environment will be very helpful for the management trainees to know much more about the proper functioning of the industry.

These are the major extracurricular activities provided by the Marian International Institute of Management for framing the attitude and behavior of their students. Each and every task was given to the students and the responsibilities will make a drastic change in the overall character of students and it will enhance the competency of the students as well. Each and every extra effort was taken by the institute is mainly focused to improve professionalism with the aspirants and it will provide great exposure for a career ahead.

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