October 3, 2023

Master of Business Administration

MBA is the most esteemed and desired post-graduate degree all around the world. The students from a very distant background pursue MBA as their postgraduate degree and come out as intelligent leaders who are capable to pilot businesses towards prosperity and development. Rather than the desire, it is the urge to succeed in life through a new arena that is required to pursue a career.

Business schools today offer a lot of challenges for the MBA aspirants to make them industry-ready but the ambitious goal to survive the enthusiasm is necessary to excel in the profession. The famous entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Darren wood, Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani all had done their MBA degrees from the world-famous university. The report says that 40% of the fortune 500 CEO’s have acquired their MBA degrees.

There are many certain skills that can only be acquired from a degree like an MBA, these skills may not be the part of the formal curriculum, but these may be acquired worthy enough in one’s life. The training and extra-curricular activities offered by the MBA degree are immense enhancing one’s learning experience. The study published later this year based on a survey among MBA graduates across the world showed that irrespective of the financial reward or the career progress they give more importance to the satisfaction, personal and professional rewards that they have gained from the course. This is what makes MBA a unique degree apart from other degrees.

In this article, we discuss the significant skill that can be acquired from this course alone. The employers also points-out that their MBA graduated employees have high communication, leadership, teamwork, technical and managerial qualities, and another top skill set which is essential for their company. They perform with high professional values and knowledge as compared to other employees.

The skill acquired from an MBA degree

Interpersonal Skills

The MBA degree is all about acquiring practical experience rather than learning the theory part only. This practical nature of the degree makes even the most reserved category of students come out of their comfort zone and socialize with their peers. The curriculum is typically tailor-made to encourage team building and collaboration among students. They are provided with opportunities to share and work for their ideas and projects through respecting and debating different perspectives.

This makes the students respect and appreciate one other’s work and encourage each other to do more.  The mindset to co-operate with each other is essential in a management role, in and outside of management roles. This is what is demanded by every company for hiring employees. This is atop skill required to be successful in the career. Even if you have got good communication skills or leadership skills it will become irrelevant if you are not able to work with a group of people.


The communication of ideas, facts, and information with clarity and sort out and discuss business problems is the heart of every organization. So, every proficient communication skill is one of the major sought after people skills.

The student who takes part in MBA program is constantly made to communicate their views, organize, and participate in seminars, make PowerPoint presentation, network with their peers and faculties, etc. the colleges organize International Fest which makes the students meet and greet a large crowd. This makes students communicate with grater quality confidence. This confidence can help them to excel in the future. The MBA curriculum advocates for collaborative learning and MBA graduate come out fluent in the ability of expression.

Leadership and Motivational Skill

The MBA allies comprise of students from all around the world, with a vast kind of culture and experience. But what is common among them is the competitive spirit but keeping within the limit of ethics. The fast-shifting learning environment makes them move fast to keep up with the pace.

The initiative to learn something new or to do something different is always rewarded in the MBA degree. The students are encouraged to build their capabilities by developing the leadership qualities and to cheerlead for others and themselves which is always appreciated.

A leader is one who is able to guide and motivate others by means of his ideas and behavior. When an individual moves across different job roles, from the entry to the executive level this leadership skill helps significantly to the growth in the management career.

Creativity and Innovation

The curriculum of an MBA is always embedded with programs to nurture creativity and innovation in the minds of the students. Every MBA colleges provide space for young minds to develop their entrepreneurial skills by starting entrepreneur clubs and incubation center. They also organize programs to give foundational and practical training to inspire innovation among the students.

The extra courses, lab, and workshop help the students to bring out new ideas and find resources to make them true. Today, apart from developing entrepreneurial skills the student’s creativity and innovation are also directed towards finding solutions to social or environmental issues. Recruiters and investors highly prefer students who have proven their excellent creativity and innovation skills.

Analytical and Operational Skills

When a student joins for an MBA program they will be like the larva of a butterfly who is new to the world of business administration. The course gives them the first insights about an organization through the internship program which is a part of the curriculum. The internship program is a two-month program in which the students must select a company of their interest and work there for two months in assigned roles.

This program makes them understand how an organization functions effectively. And the operation of the company, the ways the workflow occurs, etc. The data generated in the organization and the ways in which this data is used are also understood during this internship program.

So, it makes employees and entrepreneurs develop an insight into the working of an organization and also the solid MBA program clearly make them understand what is actually required to run and progress a business towards success.

Time Management, Decision Making, and Problem-Solving Skills

Every management students desire to join for the MBA program buds from the dream to excel and to be recognized as a future leader. To make them able for the real-world challenges the B-schools develop programs with stressful assignments, projects, networking, management fests, independent research, etc.

The students learn the smart skills that make them overcome all the turmoil and obstacles that may occur in their life outside. They will learn to deal with the pressure, competition, and manage tasks within the deadlines. Today most of the MBA programs are residential and which help the colleges to conduct classes on a strict time basis. They are also assigned tasks and assignments to be finished within time limits.

So, the students once after becoming an entrepreneur or an employee of any organization will be able to work on solving any business crisis like identifying issues and employing strategic ways to sort out arduous problems. All the special training, critical thinking skills, and analytical teaching methods will make students gear up them to make responsible decisions for their organization, identify the data, and also, they will be able to carefully assess the risk associated.

These skills are what is required in one’s life both in personal and professional life. the MBA is a professional degree that will be an eye-opener to a lot of aspirants in developing on qualities that may be crucial for them to hoist the flag of success in any field they may enter. So, through a well-organized MBA course can help the students bring out their talent and passion, nurture them further so that the recruiters will compete to grab an employee as eminent as them.


Marian International Institute of Management is always vigilant in bringing the best out of their students. They give utmost importance while arranging all the industry best programs for them. The college organizes expert talk every week to make the student learn from the veterans in every industry. The international management fest “Caligo” is the greatest platform for all the student to develop their managerial skill. Each end every student is assigned responsibilities which makes them the best managers. The newspaper reading session is fruitful for every student when they appear for an interview and group discussion. This is what makes the student of MIIM different from others, the training the student gets from the college is worthy enough for a professional life as well as for their personal life. this attracts the top companies across the world to offer placement opportunities for the students at MIIM.

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