October 3, 2023
internships in mba

Internships are actually guidance and first-hand exposure to a job in the real working world. It allows the students to get major professional skills, knowledge, and theoretical practice of what actually they learned in the university. Internships will create a learning environment for each student and this will help them to frame their behavior and approach towards the work more professionally. The students got an insight into the actual professional world and also get experience in how to deal with the job tasks assigned to them within a time limit.  Every student should go for an internship especially the MBA aspirants to get clarity about the real corporate world and the activities going over there. Internship always provides a practical work background which is very significant for a student to enter into the real job market. Those who went for an internship could get a competitive advantage over other candidates in the job-hunting process. Hence, an internship is considered a building block that is necessary to build the path to a successful career ahead.

How to get an internship?

The students can get an internship chance from a good company either with the help of the institute itself or by self-searching. The institute can give a list of companies who are providing internship opportunities for their students and the institute will help the students to get into their dream company for internship. In contrast, the student can themselves search for companies and they have to pass certain steps instructed by the companies. Certain companies follow some official processes like personal interviews or GD in order to get their quality interns otherwise it will affect the reputation of the company. Some of the internships offer come with either paid or unpaid form. The students can opt for a paid internship in which if they want any stipend for the temporary job they did for the company. Or can fix any unpaid internship if they are more focused on getting working experience and skills rather than getting any monetary benefits out of it. The decision is made by the student only and the institute will guide them.

Length of MBA internship

The time span of the internship may depend on various factors. Usually, the time may range from 1 month to 2 months. Full-time internships last 10-12 weeks in which students have to complete their given tasks. And some internships are part-time in which the student can complete the tasks anytime in between 3-12 months.  Some companies will mail official offer letters to part-time or full-time interns with some highly defined written rules and expectations. In that case, the students have to work for that prescribed period without any fail. Along with that, they can earn learning experience and job-related skills.

What is the importance of an internship in an MBA?

In MBA, the beginning of 3rd semester will be the exact time for doing a summer internship and the students often get academic credit for the internship. The company name and the department of going for an internship should inform the respective faculties to get the official approval. The students should have an understanding of the potential outcomes of going for an internship. It doesn’t mean that all internships will be awarded academic credit. Before going for an internship, the MBA leaners should consult with the concerned faculties and get their expert guidance. The internship should complete usually during the second half of the MBA graduation term and the institute can fix the credit scores of each student according to the skills earned through the internship.  The guide may evaluate the skills and experience secured by each student and then give them appropriate academic scores.

Objectives of Internship

  • Acquire an endless amount of education and knowledge for a bright future
  • Get clarity about specific industries and companies that each student is interested in.
  • Young professionals could get great benefit out of new experience and exposure
  • It will expose you to new people in a more controlled and stable environment.
  • It is a good learning experience
  • It encourages personal development and also make you understand about your qualities.
  • Completing the assigned task may motivate you and you become more committed to your job
  • It is a competitive advantage in the job market
  • Can improve professional communication and build new connections
  • It gives the opportunity to learn how to handle full-time positions
  • Can showcase the talent, commitment, and skills
  • You can improve the confidence in the professional environment

The internship thus provides you immense opportunities to get exposure to the real working scenario and it can directly affect building your future career paths.

Many MBA learners pursue their specializations in fields like HR, marketing, operations, IT, and finance and they put an effort to complete their internships aligned with their specialization. Each intern usually starts with entry-level work before taking over any responsible and demanding tasks. The MBA internships will depend on the role and business that students have selected. All MBA students should anticipate their internships and select their interested streams in which they have to build their careers. The MBA internship helps the students to advance their education and career through valuable experience. An internship will teach real job skills and it will definitely boost the resume of a candidate who is in search of a better job. The new exposure and engage in networking can also provide interns with professional recommendations. Thus it will be a great opportunity for the learners to literally get into a part of the company if they show more commitment towards the assigned tasks.  It is a great chance for the interns that the company itself has the right to recruit their quality interns as their permanent employees.

Internship opportunity at MIIM

As per the guidelines of MG University, the internship at MIIM starts at the beginning of 3rd semester which lasts for 1 month.  In MIIM, the institute itself motivates and guides the students to do internships as per their preferences. The institute will give a list of companies in which students can go for internships according to their interests and if students show any positive signs then the college helps them to get into their selected company. Many reputed companies in association with Marian International Institute of Management may take interns from the college itself and most of the internships are paid one. The students could earn a stipend and also valuable job experience throughout the internship span. And also the institute informs the students if there is any internship offers exist. The MIIM faculties always there for the students to choose their internships and also lead them if they are facing any difficult situation.

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