September 28, 2023

“We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers” – Carl Sagan.

The expansion of our home ‘mother earth’, the society we build upon here, now is the contribution of science and its answers to humanity. From the ice age to the robotic age merely a huge gap between 3.4 billion years. The modern man, we the homo sapiens,  raised up to near only 20,00,00 years. Here we can raise a question:-

 ‘Why did the science not grow up from 20,00,00 years, why is it not raised with the homo sapiens ?

 Obviously, the answer is so simple:- it’s a superstition of humans. This superstition was pulled back from its path. The belief of superstition is not a sudden decision, it was with them from their path of evolution. Humans are the most intelligent species in this solar system. They can live in an objective and creative reality. The story of superstitions was totally molded-in creative reality. The tales of good spirit and dark demons, sky watching god, and hell devils are the illogical thinking ability of these intelligent humans.

‘Are we late in the scientific revolution?’, again the answer seems simple, yes we are.

The era of modern science began in the 1980s, the father of modern science, Galileo Galilei. I have already mentioned that modern humans got more than 20,00,00 years and why didn’t they achieve robotic science? Or why they can contribute to outer deep space research. From the day of our ancestors till to us, we were afraid of something which we are not even seen or familiar with. The superstition thoughts of humans keep science backward.

  • Isaac Newton discovered gravity in 1687:-

Before he discovered gravity, why didn’t other people in our society can’t discover it? Really, gravity didn’t exist before 1687?

People really didn’t enjoy the term science in our country. They would always point out the fault points of science, by accepting all the reservations from the science and scientific contribution. Still, in this robotic age, people who dramatically intensively believe in many superstitions.

The core matter is about many of the scientists who contributed many inventions. In the way of development of this society, maybe they were intensive beliefs of superstitions; the rational reply to this argument maybe they are believed by their thoughts, process, and style, but they were good in their scientific lab for proving their scientific methodology, so that’s it they won games.

The term factor in this society injects a kind of superstitious beliefs to the newborn babies…!

In my opinion, the basic thought of all parents and teachers of society has to change. We need intelligent people who create positively innovative thoughts. Don’t teach them myths, tell them about cosmic evolution and chemical evolution. These kinds of beliefs pull back our science, the perfect example is up to us if the superstitions that don’t exist in this robotic age will happen earlier in 10,00,00 years. The hands of glory are upon us, the most brilliant species in the solar system. We need to measure all the dots of space, time, and matter.

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