September 23, 2023

Life is a drama filled with all kinds of uncertain circumstances. Happiness and sorrows are just a part of the whole circumstances. It is all about how we approach each situation to reveal our true inner self and that is called “Attitude”. Depending upon our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours our attitude may change. Each and every circumstance will be different in life and the way in which we react will also defer. But the greatest thing is that even if the circumstance is not in our favour we should be able to manage it and overcome those crises with a positive attitude.

A smile on our face not only makes us happy, but a smile spread happiness to others also.  Smiling faces can create a huge difference, it can bring positive energy, can change our attitude. Our attitude decides whether to be positive or not. Our days must start with a small prayer, a smile and a positive thought, that will help us to create a positive attitude and thus we can spread positivity to others. Attitude is everything, for example; in an office, if the manager shows a negative attitude to employees, no one will be interested to work in the organization but if he has a positive attitude and if he is ready to encourage his employees the result will be absolutely different.

According to me, a good attitude is something more valuable than money, fame, education, failures, success, appearance, skill etc. These are all part of life but the attitude towards these factors determine life. If I’m educated or if I have money, it doesn’t bring out a good attitude. It all depends on us how we react to the circumstances. Accept the problems and move ahead confidently. Past is past, we cannot change it, so forget about the past and move ahead with a positive attitude. Life is all about 10% what happens and 90% how we react to it.

Everyone has their own dreams and goals but it can only be achieved if we have a good attitude. Problems will occur but we should have a positive attitude to overcome it, otherwise, life becomes a big zero. There are people who find opportunities in darkness and bring their life to light. Our attitude determines our direction. Self-esteem is an important factor to create positivity. We should have a belief in our self that I can do it, I will do it and be confident about what we are doing. Don’t be bothered about what others think. Be confident in your skills and abilities, and then work hard to achieve your dreams and goals. Make it a habit of doing thing “now” instead of procrastinating it.

Accept responsibility, consider others, having gratitude, be a good listener, avoid criticizing others, appreciate others, be honest, be enthusiastic, don’t become an arguer, being dependable these are some of the things which we can adopt in our life in order to have a good attitude.

As the famous quote goes “If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends but if it is broken by inside force life begins”. Great things always start from inside. No one can change our attitude. Others can only motivate us and show some ways to success. If we want to be successful we should work for ourselves and there our attitude starts changing. We might fail at first but overcoming it is something cheerful.

All we have to do is open our eyes, grab all opportunities and move on. We should train our mind to see good in everything, accept it and move on with full energy. If we are positive we can turn wrong days into brighter ones. Each failure trains us to become better. The real opportunity for success lies in our-self.

As Winston Churchill once said “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”. We always try to evaluate the pros and cons of any future event or action, and this defines the quality of efforts that we put in achieving our goal. Our thoughts dominate and drive our circumstances; our attitude towards life. Our attitude decides what we are. So be positive and cheerful for our self. Focus on the targets to be achieved and make the future bright. If we want to change we must change our attitude first and adopt new ways for our better future. Believe in God and work hard for the awaiting success. Be a reason for someone’s happiness. A small change can make big a difference. Be grateful for what we have.

Thank You,

Riya Saji

1st year MBA Student, MIIM


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