September 23, 2023

Making the choice to pursue another degree is an important decision that will decide the course of your life. No one should take it lightly and the MBA is not an exception. It is a huge commitment. If you want to continue your career path and not take an MBA degree this year, it’s easy to justify your decision. There are many reasons for you to either not to take an MBA or to postpone the decision.

  1. My UG academic profile is not that good

Maybe you have only the qualifying marks for UG. Or maybe you attended a college that is not so impressive. Whatever be the reason, if you can clearly explain the reasons and rationale for your gloomy profile, it won’t become a showstopper. Being more focussed on extracurricular activities, or choosing an institute that is near to your family which is affordable are all reasonable answers and it won’t keep you from getting an MBA admission.

  1. My CAT/CMAT/KMAT score is low for my target B-schools.

If you are applying for an MBA admission in Kerala, you need to take either CAT/CMAT/KMAT. However, if the mark you got for the tests is less, what you can do is to spend more time practicing the questions and improving your scores by taking the test once again. There are training centers that provide CAT/CMAT/KMAT training. Also, there are lots of books available to help you.

  1. I don’t know which B-school is best for me.

There are many MBA colleges in Kerala. And each of them claims that they are the best. Only a few of them are NBA accredited, which is a measure of the performance of colleges. The good news is that there are some b schools that will match your goals, values, and personality. MIIM can be the best choice for you if you are looking for one of the top NBA accredited MBA colleges in Kerala.

  1. I don’t need an MBA degree to be successful in my career

Your current job, role, or company may not require you to have an MBA. However, a business degree from premier b schools like MIIM will help you to distinguish yourself from the rest. Also, if you need to change your career in the future, an MBA could be your golden ticket for the same.

  1. I have a job that is paying me well. I don’t want to lose my job for an MBA

It is very hard to walk away from a job that is paying well and also satisfying. Even then, a business degree will give you more knowledge and networking opportunities which will help you to go to the next level of responsibilities and earning capability.

  1. Today’s economy is so weak due to COVID and I don’t want to put myself into the market.

Yes, due to the pandemic, the unemployment rate is increasing in almost all countries. Companies are firing employees and recruiters are on the prowl. However, the job market will change. Economies will thrive. When we analyze history, the average ‘bust to boom cycle’ is around 6 years. An MBA degree that you take now will help you to thrive during the future book and survive the future burst.

  1. The cost of MBA tuition fee is so high and I can’t afford it

Yes, Since the training you got from an MBA degree is the best compared to other usual masters degree programs, the tuition fee for attending an MBA program is high. Even then, top b schools like MIIM are offering many merit-based scholarships to make sure that no students lose their chance to pursue an MBA due to the lack of finance. Also, the long term ROI of an MBA degree is incomparable.

  1. The MBA is impractical

There are lots of MBA schools out there, whose prime focus is theory. And it is often considered outdated. To become industry ready, practical experience is inevitable. And you should not do an MBA which is not giving you a practical business experience. You should have a blend of both theory and practice. That is where MIIM makes a difference. From management lab (offers opportunities for the students to start an enterprise inside the college) to marketing and finance games, MIIM makes sure that the lion share of the programs is rooted in practical learning methodology.

So, are you still convinced that these 8 reasons should keep you from pursuing an MBA? Or do you want to get admission to a top B school in Kerala?

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