September 23, 2023
haters and critics - how to deal with people

Imagine that you won the “performer of the week” title at your office and everybody in the office celebrating it with you. If anyone said that “it’s not a big deal, I won the title previous week”. What would be your response? Will you slap him or just ignore him? Or will you take that bad comment and keep thinking about it? You will encounter different situations like this in your life. Human happiness largely depends on the quality of good and deep relationships we have. That is why it is said that “humans are social creatures”. But these bad-mouth people have the power to bring you down and they can suck out every ounce of your energy. How can you deal with these kinds of people?

Criticism is very important for the growth of a person’s life and career if it is from a friend or someone else at a very acceptable level. But the impact of the rude remarks will change its phase from positive to negative when it is too sharp and hurting. If a person is intentionally chasing and criticizing someone it seems to be very cruel. The one who is pessimistic in nature should also try to spread that to other people around. They try to bring down the confidence of people talking to them and make them invaluable. This is the only thing they enjoy doing. It can be extremely heavy to handle negative people and comments that can damage your mood with their pessimism and negativity. So what should you do when you face a negative friend, teacher, co-worker, or family member? It is human nature that one can make a statement on anything and can pass on with others. But if it is done intentionally to hurt somebody’s self-esteem or to degrade someone is a kind of mental illness. Continuously hurting one’s emotion is not at all a normal behavior and this should be treated well in a proper mode. Pessimistic is something which we cannot control when it is exposed beyond a limit.

What would you feel when your friend discourages you when you are going to execute something important and says “it’s too risky” or “nobody can do that”? When you constantly hear refusal comments and judgments you feel demotivated, right? But remember one thing that, there is only one person in the world who can help you to get out of this situation, YOURSELF. You are the only one who knew completely about your dreams, qualities, capabilities and power. Don’t let anyone control you, hurt you or to damage your emotions with simple words or actions. Just pursue your heart and do whatever you think right. Negativity can drain your emotions and can also affect your thoughts. Never let anybody harm your courage and confidence. Try to continuously fight against them without even giving any glance to those people. Because they don’t need your attention any more if they are purposefully trying to hurt you again and again. Ignorance is the great tool to deal with them.

How can you identify pessimistic people and how you will understand that the comment is a negative one? These are the important signs that you will get clarity about negative people and comments:

  • They will degrade you
  • They demotivate you whenever you are come up with new ideas or suggestions
  • They seem disturbed when you got any prize, succeed in examinations or got any appreciation from authorities
  • They will not listen to you when you talk to them
  • They always defend you and take decisions for you
  • They will mislead you by showing that they are trying to help you
  • Will hurt your self-esteem
  • They will make you doubt your abilities.
  • They will play with your emotions
  • Complain a lot about everything
  • Watch only negative aspect more than positive side
  • They act like that they are always right, everyone else is wrong
  • They absorb all of your time and energy
  • They can be easily insulted

Negative people always try to spread negativity and always keep complaining about everything. They can control the emotions of people around them with their dim view and actions. The human can easily get distracted from their goal and they can easily get confused about their skills when somebody criticizes them. But we want to make a promise to ourselves that we only know what we want to do and only seek help from one who is always close and trustworthy for you. Don’t destroy yourself by allowing the negative people and their comments to make changes within you and your mind. If someone treats you badly every time, it’s not your fault; just remember that there is something wrong with them. Normal people will not hurt or destroy the emotions of other human beings. Negative comments are like black dots. The people try to put black dots in your mind and heart with their words. If we give more importance to them, it will affect your mental and physical health.

How can we deal with negative people and discouragement? These are some tips to respond to a negative person that will surely help you a lot in your life and in career as well:

  • Do not say a word to them.
  • Keep silent is the best way of response.
  • You cannot change them, so don’t try to become a problem solver
  • Try to spread positivity in yourself and surroundings to contradict negativity
  • Just ignore and keep a distance from them
  • Never listen to their comments and suggestions
  • Don’t take things personally
  • Smile is a great tool
  • Act mature
  • Say “thank you” to them and just walk away
  • Learn to say “No” whenever needed
  • Set boundaries with them

There is no scientific reason for why some people become so negative. That may be a behavior disorder that can be cured only by that person and the unique functioning of the brain also involved in it. Lack of confidence, fear, anxiety, frustration, or anything can be the reason for their gloomy outlook. This does not mean that fear and anxiety are always shown by negative people. Such emotions that are exposed to uncontrollable counts seem to be hopelessness.

It is certainly not that easy to escape from them if they are trying to chase you intentionally. But making a good decision and a plan within you about how to deal with them can help a lot. Otherwise you will get an emotional outburst of frustration and it will motivate them further. Also, think that when you continuously hear negative judgments and comments, it will affect your personality and surely you will also become a pessimistic person. Likewise, if you fill your surroundings with positive people you will feel more optimistic about the world and people around you. If you want to attain heights and satisfaction in your life, you have to deal with negative people also. It is your life and you are the most responsible person to make decisions in your life more than anyone else. Never listen to anybody who hinders you to catch your dreams and if you find somebody who continuously creates a barrier for achieving your goals, just ignore them and go forward. Whatever happens, absorb only positive comments and hold only positive people throughout your life.

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