September 29, 2023

Time plays a significant role and it is very important in our lives. Our whole life revolves around time. We all are just dependent on time. Without time we are nothing. It helps us to structure our daily lives and activities so that we can live more organized, productive lives. Everyone has to respect the time and understand the real value of time because the time gone is never going to get back.

Time is the ultimate thing which we cannot measure. Activities, when performed on time, will be fruitful, and the result will be great. We have only a limited time period in life in which we are to act, grow and fulfil. If we waste this golden opportunity, we are no better than fools. Once time passes cannot be brought back by any means.

Time applies in our every walk of life. From sunset till night, the high tide and low tide due to the moon, our seasons everything is totally dependent on time. Sunrises from the east at a fixed time every day and sets in the west. Similarly, a child is born in this world and dies at its time. Time is the most important factor of all.

Time is important for everyone, be it students, service persons, businessmen or housewives. We have a lot of tasks to be accomplished and we all feel the shortage of time. It is really necessary that we all manage time and utilize it properly. We need to accomplish all our tasks in time and punctuality. We should use every minute and every second wisely. Time never shows pity to the poor and never salutes the rich. It gives one chance to all of us and we have to use it in the best possible way. We have to take it as an opportunity and make the best out of it. The greatest gift we can give someone is our time because that particular time is not going to come back.

“A switch in time save nine” is a popular maxim. It highlights the importance of time in our daily life. It means that an act done in time saves from inconvenience and trouble. It brings rewards. Lazy attitude and unnecessary delays towards one’s assigned duty is very dangerous.

 “Time and tide wait for none”, which means that just like a tide, even time does not wait for anyone. Time and tide wait for none this idiom is apt in today’s world. As the world is moving very fast nobody has got time to waste. Time never stops, the clock is always ticking therefore to use our time we should work very hard every second. With time everything is possible, it’s just that we should have a dedication towards utilizing it. Many successful people know how to manage time and that is the reason they are successful. The story of the rabbit and the tortoise is a perfect example of this idiom. The tortoise worked hard and utilized the time effectively so he was able to succeed in the race. The same is the case in our life. To achieve success we should work hard and utilize the available time in the best manner.

 Quotes on the value of time:

  •  Time is free But it’s priceless
  •  You can’t own it But you can use it
  •  You can’t keep it But  you can spend it
  • Once you have lost it You can never get it back
  • Time is the most valuable thing that men can spend
  • Men who dare to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life
  • The greatest gift you can give someone is your time because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back.
  • You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.
  • Time is what we want most, but what we use worst
  • The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot
  • If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of
  • he time is always right to do what is right
  • Change your 24 hours and you will change your life
  • Time management is life management

We can never blame ‘lack of time’ for our failure. There is nothing as a ‘lack of time’ as time available for each and every person is 24 hours a day. Success and failure depends on how we utilize this common time given to us. So, the next step is to focus on how to effectively manage time.

We can employ different strategies to save time and perform multiple tasks within the limited time. Having a fixed timetable is the primary step to be imbibed into our lives. This gives coordination in life and things are found to be turning positive for people with a well-organized timetable.

The following steps can be adopted to manage time effectively:

  • Effective planning
  • Setting  goals and objectives
  • Setting deadlines
  • Delegation of responsibilities
  • Prioritizing  as per importance
  • Spending the right time on the right activity

24 hours per day * 60 minutes per hour*60 seconds per minute = 86,400 Seconds

We should always manage our time in such a way that our time will not be wasted for unnecessary things. One who can manage time is a successful person. To get success in life and to be a great personality, we must always learn to manage the time. We must do everything in a well-planned manner, dividing every unit of time to take full advantage of it. If we manage our time properly, we can get prosperity, enjoyment of luxuries, and peace of mind, indeed everything. Otherwise, we lose everything. It depends on all of us what we want to choose.

These are days when we are locked down with more free time, unlike the past days. Instead of complaining about ‘getting rusty’ out of doing nothing, think about ‘getting ready’ to make the maximum benefit out of the moments that are welcoming us always. Effective and meaningful tasks can be performed like attending online certification courses, developing new skills, reading books, doing exercises and yoga for physical fitness, trying out new recipes, finding out hidden talents within us, brushing up old fancies, spending time with family members and much more to make corona days productive and fruitful.

There are things that money cannot buy for us. Time once lost can never be regained.  No matter how far we go for it and how much effort we put from our side to go back to that ‘one lost second’, everything will be in vain.

‘Good Old Times’ is a very common phrase that we come across often-be it a caption in WhatsApp status, Instagram post, personal blog etc. For some, it may mean that bygone years were the best and that they are not happy with the present. For others, it may be the expression of their past good memories and that they are just rekindling it through such a caption. Whatever the case be, to be happy always and to make the best out of each and every second of our life should be the one and only priority of our life.

Instead of lamenting over whatever that couldn’t be done, and all the valuable time that was lost doing nothing, be hopeful for the good times yet to come and prepare oneself to fill one’s own store with the best memories ever.

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