September 22, 2023

A question can be asked in two ways by two people, one by a teacher before the exam ‘have you learnt everything?’ and by ourselves, after passing a higher grade ‘what have I learned?’. At the first time, our answer might be/should be ‘yes’ and for the second time for the same question we may rethink and we will get stuck and say, 20% for life and 80% for exams.

Education answers the question “what?” and life asks the question “how and why?” This is because education helps us to know certain facts and it is not making us know why and how the facts are like that. Here it becomes necessary to have practical knowledge. Once we do a particular thing and if we have a continuous practice, we will not forget it.

Learning by doing has a great impact, in this process, we will be able to understand the procedures and also it will help to know our mistakes.

Purpose of education must be to increase knowledge and skill and also make good personalities. Value of humanism and other moral lessons should also have importance. Value-based education helps to build better human relations and will help to lead a better life.

One person is spending a big part of his life for education and after his graduation when he turns back, he should have something with him. In a way, we can say that examination checks our memory power and it’s not checking our abilities. Education should make how to do things by doing them and not only by just learning them. Along with learning from school self-learning should be promoted. Self-learning will help to understand one’s interest area and when one is having his cup of tea, he will be eager to learn more and this will help to increase interest in learning new things. Self-learning can be by reading or doing or even by hearing one lecture. There is no limit for self-learning. So, it is good and important to promote self-learning. And creativity can be improved through project works and experiment-based study. This can improve the quality of learning.

Knowledge can be acquired from anything, a knowledge-based education system is better than a score-based system, this will improve the interest of students. This will help to reduce the mental stress and the feeling of burden. Education must touch every aspect of human life. In the learning process, it is important to teach about maintaining good physical health and mental health. And also, students must be encouraged to take a risk and be made ready to face risk. Improving the interpersonal skills of a student is very important. Some may be interested to take part in an activity but his lack of courage or fear of crowds or shyness makes him not participate.

We can’t say the evaluation system is bad but we must say it should not limit to exams alone. The main thing that every student must know is the importance of education, that in any field it is mandatory to have an educational qualification, but the problem with the system is that it mainly focuses on the marks secured by the students and not the skill that one has. The marks only system will not make any interest in students; they may see it as a burden. This will have pressure on students that may even cause them to have mental stress and as we which leads to suicide. This is not the problem with education this is the problem with the system of education. Instead of completely focusing on the marks, evaluation should be made on participation in class and project work also. This will help to increase interpersonal skill and communication skill.

The focus should reach the area of communication and interpersonal skills and teamwork should be promoted. These qualities should be improved from the small classes itself. One other important thing is to be a social being. Some may lack communication skill, interpersonal skills. This gap can be filled through effective participation in each area.

Building moral qualities will help to lead a better life. The increase in crime numbers is not a new problem but, when we look at the suspects there will be more numbers from small age groups of children this is due to lack of moral values. They may have education, but if they are not able to differentiate right and wrong then educational qualification will not have any value.

Moreover, each child must be given personal care by teachers. Teachers and students should have affection and everyone should have a home-like feeling in the classroom. Proper counselling should be given to students who are having a problem, and everyone may not have the ability to share their problems with teachers but it is important to make them share their problem. Some may not have the good mental strength to face all the problems faced. This should be solved.

Equal importance should be given to all subjects from the small classes as we know science subjects are having more importance from small classes. Arts, science and commerce subjects should be given equal importance. Skill-based training will provide better results from students. Concentration in the interest area will help to have better outcomes from each student. Along with teachers, parents also must take the initiative to improve the skills of children. Everyone has different areas of interest, parents and teachers must help children to identify their capabilities and parents should not discourage a student who is more interested in sports and games, it is better to have a balance between all the areas. This should be built from small grades. The courage to take risk is not an easy task for all, encouraging to take risk will help to face difficult situations. This will help to learn from mistakes.

The need for practical experience and observation along with education is important. We must be able to relate what we have learned with what we see around us. The need to learn by doing is very effective.

We will find ourselves successful with our qualifications only when we are able to apply what we have learned, to a situation where it demands. This process can be achieved only through practice.

In the learning process, we must raise our own question and we must find the answers to that. When we frame the questions there arise the need to find the answer to the question this can improve our knowledge and the quality of learning.

Along with learning and understanding the facts, it is important to have values that we must follow in our life. We may be rich by knowledge but if we fail to keep values, we won’t succeed. Everything should have a balance. Being a person of value and integrity will lead the way to success with knowledge.

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