September 24, 2023

What is the most beautiful feeling in the world? Or should I restructure it as, when do you feel the happiest?

For me, it is when I write…. It’s not a new answer. It’s not the first time someone has told the same, there are many people out there who feel the same… but there is a difference between them and me…. They are more accomplished. Or should I say the braver ones? They are brave enough to show their crazy side to the world, brave enough to let the pieces of their soul live independently from him….

Each and every character created by a writer is a piece of his own soul. Why? Because they think the way the writer wants them to, they look the way the writer wants them to, each and everything the character does is what the writer wants them to do….the life of the character is what the writer gives him… and that’s why I want to call them as the pieces of writer’s soul…

And when one person read that work, the writer disappears… only the pieces of his soul remain… some might like the work some may not, and when they like it they enter into the work along with the pieces of souls and start watching everything through the writers perspective… isn’t it fascinating? The only way you can transform into someone else whom you aren’t, the only way you live someone else’s life is when you are reading! And when you can’t do the same while reading one work doesn’t mean that it isn’t good… it just means that it doesn’t suit you…

There are no bad works you know? Each and every word being written is someone’s hope, dreams and life…. And since you are reading it, it is also his sleepless nights of reviewing, editing and thoughts, whether he made the right decision to publish it or not….

I am sure there are many people out there who have engrossing works but not yet published any work, its because they are not ready to see the pieces of their soul being criticized, interpreted in a way that he hasn’t intended. Because they are not ready to see them die even before him since the pieces of souls are supposed to remain in the world for eternity as something that the writer has left in this world…

For me, the happiest moments are when I am writing… It’s like I am alive, I get immersed so much that I might feel I am in a parallel world, a world where I can be anyone, irrespective of who I am and what I am.
Writing makes me feel that I am bringing a change in the world, in my own slightest way, it makes me feel I have my own space…. my words never judge me, they do have any prejudice against me, maybe that’s why I too want to keep my works with me…

It doesn’t mean my words are too good…. I know that they are lacking in my aspects, but if I don’t acknowledge my writings then who will do?

Going through this you might think that my dream is becoming a writer… no, it isn’t. my dream has nothing to do with writing or what all you normally associate with writing. my dream is to make a lot of money. You can judge me, it’s not a big deal. At this point, it’s time for you to judge me since my love for words contradicts with my want for money. But that’s true, even though I won’t say it to your face, I am honest in my writing. and I do want to make money since I came to know, that this world doesn’t work without money.

When I said earlier that I love writing, you all might have expected me to be a lover of humanity, nature and what all. Even if I say I am, would anyone believe me in this world? will I be able to make a change with my actions? I don’t think so. So, they all exist for you in my writing.

I love rain, the evening sky, the grass shining with dewdrops in the morning, I love how the leaves sway in wind, I love the silence, I love the night, I love the stars… and If I say it out loud you will all call me crazy… people are not supposed to be crazy in public, in real life. But the writers can be crazy, the musicians can be too, and many such professions but only in their works… when people can’t understand you, they will call you crazy, since everything needs to have a reason.

Does it really work that way? Does each and everything have a reason? Then why you and I all are existing in this world?

Writing also doesn’t work that way. You write whatever you want whenever you want and however you please, then comes the step of reading it again and again, to make it perfect so that at least one person who reads will be able to find momentary happiness, or to create a world the writer wants, then comes the crucial step deciding whether the work should be shown to others or not… this step as I said do take a lot of courage, you might be seen as the creator of that work, what if it doesn’t meet the expectations of others, what if it can’t bring any emotions to others, all these questions need a satisfying answer to make a decision, once its made, there ends the role of the writer, just like a parent marrying off her daughter. It becomes the asset (or liability) of the readers or the writers’ unpublished collection.

Just like love, writing is something that comes to you, you can’t force it. It will happen naturally when its time. And the first line is the most difficult part for me, if I don’t get a satisfying first line, then the whole work is scrap. Once you get the right combination of words making a good first line, then the whole work will flow through your pen, you can’t stop it, even if you want to. it will continue to flow, till you complete the work. The writer in you wouldn’t allow you to be at peace if you leave your work incomplete. but then, in contradiction to this, there are incomplete works. You will come to a stop at some point of your work, where the words seem to be dried up, where writing more, might spoil the beauty of what you have written so far. In those times it is better to leave it like that, because you won’t be able to complete it as beautifully as you want to…
And I don’t think writing is a talent that you are born with. Everyone can write. They just need to be honest to their feelings and be ready to let it out without being ashamed of it. It’s as simple as that. Writing something with beautiful words need not be a beautiful work. A work becomes beautiful when you can see yourself, when you go through those words. If you can do that you are a writer. You don’t need anyone’s recognition. One person’s opinion may not be the same as another’s. people are different. So are you. And so, your writing will be different too, one person criticizing it need not make that work bad. As I said earlier, there doesn’t exist any bad works. When you write down something and you feel good about it, then that is a good job, because you were able to find happiness through it…. after all, isn’t that the basic purpose everything existing in this world?

If it helps you find happiness, do more of it…. Because that will help you realize who you really are. Just like how you find more about yourself through reading, you can do the same through writing too.

Have you ever loved? When you are in love, you will feel like its either love or no life, even if you intentionally want to give up your love, it’s not that easy. You will lose control of your heart, it’s the same in case of writing. once you start writing with passion, you can’t turn back. It doesn’t matter if someone appreciates it or not, and it doesn’t need to be shown to others too. but you will feel alive, you will be able to create your own world where you can handle your emotions, where you can create a place that is better than any existing ones. Moreover, writing will give you hope, that you can hold on. no matter what life throws at you, you will be able to go through it, since you have the way through it. Isn’t love the same?

Yes, writing is love….

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