September 22, 2023

Individuals carry their studies in different ways. Everyone has diverse techniques and habits for their study. The number of hours one spends on learning is not important. The long hours of study do not provide higher academic performance. Hard work and effective methods and practices make success. In the life of every student, they are facing several difficulties in learning lessons. It is quite understanding that whenever we put in hard work to make any venture successful, we wait for some time to see or guess the results that might have been achieved or possibly be achieved.

There are certain factors which helped the students to achieve good academic performance. Learning in a properly organized manner should improve the academic performance of the student. It is an undeniable fact that there is no single approach to fit for the effective learning in the context of a student. Each student is different in terms of their skill and ability. So their studying methods should be personalized accordingly. In the world, humans are born with different abilities and skills. So it is important to identify what actually works for you and what doesn’t.

An ideal student gets up early in the morning and goes out for a regular walk or exercise. Also, he needs to begin the day with prayer. It makes students feel fresh, energetic, and spiritual.

tips for effective study


  1. Study plan

List all subjects you need to study and decide which subject requires more time and which less. First, you should identify how much time you will need for every subject and what are the alternative study techniques you have. Proper planning and thoughtful arrangement of materials are essential for effective study. Organized study will increase the effectiveness

  1. Set your goal

Set your goals in terms of targeted grades ie. to secure rank/distinction/ first class  in university exam. This helps a lot in providing with the needed motivation to stick to your plans.

  1. Positive mindset

Positive mindset is an important character required for every student. For example “I will secure above 90% marks in the coming examination”, I am going to ace this exam”. This type of thinking motivates one person to study effectively. Instead of that one may think like “I’m going to fail in this examination” this will demotivate one person and he is not interested to study. So think positively and avoid negative thoughts.

  1. Time management

Time management takes an important role in the success of every person. We need to utilize our time effectively. It cannot wait for tomorrow. You should arrange your time carefully. Decide what to study for each session. The specific ideas about the topic, chapter or paper to read, etc. are to be identified well in advance. Preparing a Personal Study Timetable will help to manage your time. If you are not managing the time effectively you will be less productive and this will lead to stress and anxiety.

  1. Manage distractions

Avoid the distractions that will act as an obstacle while you’re studying. Don’t engage in any other activities during your study time. You need concentration, attitude and switch off your mobiles while studying.

  1. Effective reading

Knowledge is power. In order to build this, effective reading of text books as well as other materials are essential. Critical reading and thinking helps the students for great achievement in their academics.

  1. Revision

Every week you can revise the topics that you have learned during that particular period. That would help one person to easily recognize the topics they have learned during the particular semester/year. It is a great advantage for the students during the examination.

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