October 3, 2023

Today we will have an outlook on the 10 most important search parameters for the best  B schools in the country. When a student decides for MBA or management education then start the challenge of which college or institute to join. When you look for any institute the first and most important parameter is approval from the relevant govt. bodies.

  1. All India council of technical education is the Indian approval body for higher education in management. When you search for any MBA institute please search for that name on the official website of AICTE. which is aicte-india.org.

  2. The second most important aspect is the placement record of the institute. This is one of the key result areas as far as a B school is concerned. The ultimate aim is to get a job for all candidates. In these criteria we have to look into aspects like what is the placement rate, is it 100%, the average salary of the passed out batches, the companies coming are reputed or not. Prestigious institutes publish this data on their websites.

  3. The third most important criteria are quality accreditations and ranking. NAAC accreditation and NBA accreditation are the two popular quality certifications in India. NAAC is quality accreditation for colleges and NBA is for courses..if an MBA institute is NBA accredited we can assure that there is a robust system in offering that course.

  4. The fourth major criterion is the quality of teachers there. We need to look for star faculty members who are reputed for their training skills, publications, and global exposure. Books and papers published, researches and projects undertook, an eminent panel of visiting faculty, etc. can be another yardstick.

  5. Another important criterion is the teaching-learning model which is applied there. In the management education case teaching methodology and exposure to markets or industry-based practical learning are vital to building hands-on experience for future managers.

  6. The sixth important factor is asking the students or alumni about the rigorous training which is imparted to the students there. Because that is more important in MBA is competence rather than your rich scores in various subjects.

  7. The seventh most important parameter is the linkage with industry. We need to look and analyze what is the contribution from industry people to the institute. Its well and good if a number of experts address the faculty and students there. Nowadays it’s very easy to bring experts in a virtual platform.

  8. The eighth parameter is the brand equity of the institute. For example. IIMs are a crowd-pulling brand. Look at the history and the legacy of the institute status of its alumni and the brand value created over a period of time.

  9. Last but one is the admission statistics. This is a simple tool that looks at the number and quality of students admitted. Check whether it is easy to get admission or not. Check whether it is running full every year. simply proof of the pudding is in eating.

  10. The last parameter is nothing but the royal infrastructure available there. Best library, neat and clean hostels, internet and wifi, healthy atmosphere. My suggestion is that you need to visit at least once before joining the institute otherwise it should be Harvard or Stanford, time tested ones.  Scanning through, you will get a birds-eye view on the structure and status of any MBA institute. My last advice is to consult a mentor and take opinion from such senior people who know the field. thank you.

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