September 22, 2023
Tips to keep you positive during corona days

“Optimism is a happiness magnet; stay positive, calm and happy, good things will be drawn to you”.

When everything is going right, it is easy to be happy and positive in life. However, the real test is when times turn out to be challenging and difficult. Do we stay optimistic and have a positive outlook on life at such times? In such a situation people often tend to fall into the dark and deep burrows of depression.

Today, as the world has come to a complete standstill, due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19. We’ve gone from zero to one hundred in seconds.

Over the last few months, we’ve ridden the waves of thinking that all this is a big joke and dismissing the seriousness of this pandemic. From the gloomy media reports as well as videos and comments it is pretty hard to believe that we are entering a dark hole. This virus has cast its dooms over the world, a bunch of depressed human beings who can never escape its clutches. The increasing number of suicides day by day shows that depression and anxiety are rolling the world. The harsh reality is that there’s no leading power to bring in a positive approach alongside the challenging time, it is the duty of each one of us to lit the candle of positivity within us first.

As we have two choices to face this challenging situation with optimism or with pessimism. Personally, I choose the optimistic route.

A small sparkle of positivity can help ourselves as well as others to drive away the bitter darkness of negativity and light the lamp of hope for a better future. Positivity is a mindset that doesn’t just comes to us on its own or when we just need it, it is something we need and must practice daily, especially at hard times like this. Positivity helps us feel as light as a feather and not so burdensome. This makes you feel less worried and also keeps you stay motivated always. So here are some ways to stay positive and happy during the COVID-19 Coronavirus days:

7 Tips to Keep You Positive During Corona Days

1). Begin your day with a small prayer:

Always remember and make it a habit to begin your day with a small prayer. Prayers are powerful. A prayer, to begin with, can influence your thinking and can change the way you view things. It even gives you the strength you need to overcome the challenges in life. It is always said that one of the best times to pray is during the early hours of the day. Prayer is a wonderful time to connect oneself with God.

2). Get some exercise:

As all the fitness centres are shut for safety measures, our fitness regime has taken a back seat. Hence, one must make it a routine to do daily exercises at home. This will help you to stay rejuvenated throughout the day. Exercising daily releases endorphins hormones from our body which helps us to stay happy and positive.

3). Strengthen your connections with your family:

This lockdown period is one of the best times to be and spend with one’s family. Have long conversations with them. Make it a point to cuddle and hug your kids.

4). Learn a new skill:

As there is an abundance of time, as we are at homes at all times. How to pass the time is a great question. This time can be utilized effectively rather than just lying on your couch and watching television or playing on your mobile phones, 24*7. Now, you can learn something new in life like cooking, or to pick up a new hobby. It’s wonderful to make time for oneself. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Read good books,
  • Students can do a few certification courses
  • Write about what you feel in life every day or write a diary.
  • Learn a new language online.

5). Read motivational books:

Books are considered to be your best friends in every walk of your life. Though technology and internet has changed our lifestyle, yet books Going through the harsh face of lockdown, there are thousands of motivational books that help us to remain calm. Here are the names of few motivational books:

  • The Power of positive thinking- Norman Vincent Peale
  • Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us- Daniel. H. Pink
  • The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho
  • Awaken the Giant Within- Anthony Robbins


6). Look after your immunity and follow the government rules:

Many of us can eventually get this Coronavirus. Being afraid of it can really affect our mental health. So, it is very important for each one of us to practice social distancing and obey all the rules put forth by the government and look after our immune system. For this, you must have a balanced and healthy diet and also must increase your intake of water. A positive mental state of mind is proven to increase your immunity. So, choose health, choose positive and be happy.

7). Have good sleep:

Good sleep is incredibly important for our physical as well as mental health. People are now sleeping less than they did in the past. Sleep is yet another factor required to build up a good immune system and lack of quality sleep will deteriorate it.

Close your day, with a positive thought, be grateful for what you are today.  Believe that this is not the end of anything. As an evil storm is always followed by a peaceful calmness and that dark night is followed by bright dawn likewise these dark days will also lead to better ones. Hope for a better tomorrow. Firmly trust that we have a long way to go. Remember that every dark cloud has a silver lining, thus, consider this as a chance to thicken that lining and stay positive, calm and be happy.

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