September 25, 2023
is mba smart choice after covid 19 turmoil

COVID 19 has hit the economy very hard. Businesses are struggling a lot and many of them are laying off their staff for survival. The hospitality, travel and tourism are the sectors which were adversely affected the most. IT and ITES worldwide are working on to make work from home a new normal. Upcoming two to three years are going to be challenging for anyone who is graduating from college or looking for a job. The world has already lost tens of millions of jobs and industries such as oil & gas, retail, entertainment, manufacturing, etc. have also been hit hard. The longer the lockdowns go on, the more likely it is that laggards and those who don’t upgrade their skills regularly see their skill sets become outdated. It is in this context that a full time MBA for the next two years becomes so relevant. A full time MBA with industry orientation could help you to stand out in the post-coronavirus jobs market.  Despite the current negativity spreading around the economy there is always a ray of optimism.


I strongly feel that the number of students for professional courses will increase despite the current problems. Many consider this time of unemployment and recession a great opportunity to get better equipped and professionally qualified. By the time they complete their studies, the pandemic and the recession will be gone, they believe. If they choose not to study now, the alternatives – underemployment or unemployment – are going to be worse. Sharpening your skills alone can protect you against the economic chill winds.

How an MBA will help you stand out in the jobs market

Smart MBA graduates might be in high demand in the years of economic recovery after the coronavirus pandemic. The challenges facing companies as they go through digital transformation like digital strategy, and disruptive business models will become incredibly important for MBA students if they want to stand out in the job market. Business needs people who can not only analyze data but also draw insights and make informed decisions. Business needs people who can work successfully in cross cultural, global teams and who are creative problem solvers. It is the right time to focus on developing skills, knowledge, and expertise in the areas where job growth is happening or may happen in the future.

MIIM an ideal place to be SAFE and be PRODUCTIVE                        

 Away from the madding crowd, fumes, and dust, and set amidst the cool and healthy sylvan surroundings of Sahyadri Mountains, Marian International Institute of Management (MIIM) would be a smart choice to be safe and be prepared to join the industry once the economy re-gains in two years. MIIM is a unique initiative of the Catholic Diocese of Kanjirappally. Under the patronage of its flagship brand “Marian College Kuttikkanam’ with a UGC NAAC ‘A’ grade and a “Centre with Potential for Excellence” award that proved nearly three decades of pedagogic excellence, we have carved another legacy with our pristine, stand-alone B- School brand – MIIM, approved by The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, and affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. The program is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi for the quality of education and placements.


Holistic development of the students is the motto of MIIM. Health, Wealth, Relationships, Spirituality and Emotional stability are of equal importance in the transformation process at MIIM. Experiential learning and industry orientation make MBA at MIIM unique and relevant from the rest of the players in the industry. Club activities, Management fests, industrial visits, Outbound Training and field assignments make the learning, student driven and application oriented. Individual attention through a mentoring program ensures that you don’t just float along with the crowd unnoticed. MIIM also offers various scholarship programs for supporting the academically brilliant and economically challenged students.

As concerns around COVID-19 are disrupting our society, in view of reducing the risk of exposure to infection during travel or admission process, MIIM has mobilized a virtual admission procedure. Instead of attending the GD/PI at the campus, students can now attend the same sitting at home. The college is also providing free online KMAT coaching. For more information: please visit  or call – 702 572 7984 or 984 716 9932.

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