October 3, 2023
unleash your creativity

Course Facilitators: Prof.Samson Thomas and Prof. Bose George

Most of us wish we were more creative. The good news is that increasing our creativity is truly possible. Creativity helps you to solve specific problems in your family, business, community or even your country. The purpose of our creative thinking training is to provide you with skills and techniques to unlock your creativity and generate new perspectives and ideas. This highly participative training explores the exclusive nature of creativity and shows you how to access innate creativity. You will learn how you can stimulate and enhance their creativity, refine it and make it an integral part of their life.

Objectives of the Course

  • Discover new creativity tools
  • Develop ways to overcome dissatisfaction in your life
  • Lose any fears associated with your creative work
  • Discover what naturally turns on your creativity, so you can bring that forward in your daily life.
  • Learn somatic practices to support your ability to bring more creativity into your life.
  • Enjoy the creation of community as we learn, move our bodies and create together.

Course Contents

  • Tools for unleashing your creativity
  • What blocks you from creativity
  • How to be innovative
  • New idea generation
  • Reapplication
  • Synthesis
  • Revolution
  • Evolution
  • Change direction
  • Brain Storming

Target Audience

1.MBA students


3. People who would like to change their lives

Mode of delivery:

  • Online webinars
  • Online creativity challenges
  • Online assignments
  • Other course materials online

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    1. I am bcom student in Marian College Kuttikanam. It will be good opportunity for me to explore new thing.

  1. I got user id and password after registering, where do I login(I can’t see any login page)

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