October 3, 2023
The most demanded Hard skills and Soft skills in 2020 - 21

The world of the job market is changing because of fast-growing technology and business complexities. Data-driven business era and technological boom create more opportunities and difficulties in the business. The complexity of business makes the business organization adopt innovations and keep and recruit innovators and skilled people to the organization. The era of skilled manpower recruitment is going to come soon. The employers will search for people with particular skills rather than a university degree or graduation from a college. The concept of a permanent job in an organization is going to vanish shortly. The organizations may introduce freelancers and specialists (Skilful people in a field) for doing a particular task and job. Stephen Kasriel- The CEO of Upwork mentioned in his statement “The freelance workforce is the best indicator of new skill trends,”

So whatever you are learning currently or work you do at present, learning and sharpening of following skills will help you to get into a good job or upgrade your current job.


Top Soft skills and hard skills searched by employers.

Soft skills are collaboration and interpersonal skills to get work efficiently done in very limited time. These skills will help you to work in a team, stressed work environment.


Top ten Soft skills Top ten Hard skills( Based on the LinkedIn report )
Creativity Blockchain
Collaboration Cloud Computing
Persuasion Analytical Reasoning
Adaptability Artificial intelligence
Emotional intelligence Business Analysis
Time management Affiliate Marketing
Leadership UXdesign
Flexibility Sales management
Communication Scientific computing
Positivity Video Production

The hard skills are technical skills required to complete a task or project. These skills are easily teachable and earned by formal education. These are the skills of a job seeker can mention in the cover letter and resume to get attraction from an employer.

The following hard skills are also hot skills searched by employers in the last 2 years across the industry. Based on the report of 3 major job sites in the world the hard Skills are as follows

  1. Statistical analysis and data mining mobile development
  2. Storage systems and management
  3. User interface design
  4. Network and information security
  5. Middleware and integration software
  6. Web architecture and development framework
  7. Algorithm design
  8. Java development
  9. Machine learning
  10. Tableau software
  11. User experience design
  12. C++ programming
  13. MySQL programming
  14. Pardot marketing
  15. Social media management
  16. Project management professional (PMP)
  17. Swift development
  18. Chat support
  19. Android development
  20. Unity 3D game development
  21. Shopify development
  22. Video editing
  23. AutoCAD
  24. Facebook marketing
  25. API development
  26. Content writing
  27. .NET framework
  28. WordPress development
  29. Direct sales
  30. Sales management
  31. Business development
  32. Customer service
  33. Account management
  34. Accounting
  35. Salesforce
  36. Sales operations


Keeping updated with industry requirements and the latest skills requirement of industry is most important these days. Employers are always looking for proactive employees and those who are up to date with changes in the industry. Skill up-gradation is the need of the hour or present scenario.

How to get updated with Industry relevant Skills?

Those who are aiming for a high paid job and a good position in a company must upgrade their knowledge and skills which are required by industry. So, the job aspirant must be a proactive and continuous learner. The skills can be acquired in different ways and Nowadays many platforms are available to develop new skills. Learning new skills is easy in the present scenario but enhancing those skills need continuous practice. Following are the few options to explore or acquire new skills

  1. Online course providers like Coursera, Udemy, B-schools, etc
  2. Premier B-Schools which provide add on courses along with their regular syllabus
  3. YouTube videos (Self-learning)
  4. MBA colleges offering real-time training on sales, digital marketing, content writing, etc
  5. Premier Engineering college with latest technology courses and add on courses


At present plenty of resources and platforms are available to learn and enhance skill sets.

Learning new skills from an education provider is important and at the same time practicing and enhancing those skills are needed for the hour to get into a good position and a company.

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