October 3, 2023
Who will cry when you die


A cluster of various inspiring and unique thoughts is what makes this book really special and different. With 101 chapters giving different values and opinions on various topics people struggle with in their daily lives makes this book worth reading. The book is constructed in more of a manual format. The author pays close attention to every small details in our daily lives showcasing how changes in even the small things we do can fetch us immense levels of happiness. Another fact that makes this book worth reading is the capacity it has to persuade its readers to inculcate the small changes in their life that the author talks about. Every chapter has a new learning and instilled lesson to look upon.The book is divided into 101 chapters. Each chapter offers a blend of suggestions to face some of the difficult issues of life and helps to evolve one’s personality and skills. With many real life experiences from the authors life being shared, this book helps people to relate with their own lives . This book can be a great guide and help to people who want to experience happiness, want to be optimistic and who wish to have a different approach in their life to experiences happiness.


“When you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Live your life such a way that when you die the world cries and you rejoice”. This is the major insight of this book. The book is all about living life more joyfully, meaningfully and completely. The more number of times we read this book, the more new concepts emerges of it giving more insights to our mind’s. The book acts as a great mentor which can guide us whenever we feel that we are not living up to our full potential. The book directs and gives one a new way of approaching life. The book highlights and focuses on how small change in the little things we do can bring enormous happiness in our lives. From this book, we can learn an art of living and an art of dying as well. Many chapters in this book has the potential to make you rethink about how you live your life. The book covers various aspects on self discipline, optimism and various personal growth factors as well. A motivational and inspiring book to deal with major problems in our life amongst our busy and hectic life. Beautiful insights can be seen in chapters such as “ honour your past”, “see troubles as blessings” and “discover your calling”.


The author uses wide range of literary tools or devices in order to add more texture and energy to the writing. Here are some of the tools that I came across while reading this book
1. Allusion: It is when an author refers to the events or characters from another story in his/her own story with the hopes that those events will add context or depth and meaning to the context. In this book we can see various instances wherein the author inculcates old stories to give the audience a better understanding, we can see that in chapter 3 “maintain your perspective”.
2. Epigraph: The author under the title includes quotation from some other work; often the quotation is in italics. An epigraph is a reference to another work that an author hopes will help readers understand his/her own work. We come across various instances where the author quotes various famous personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi, Stephen Hawkins and many more.
3. Metaphor: When attempting to describe an image or event, an author often will find it useful to compare what he is describing to another image or event. This is called metaphor, and it gives the reader a fresh, sometimes startling way of imagining what’s going on. Robin Sharma at various instances tries to compare and put up another image or event to various things. These were few of the literary techniques or devices that I came across while reading
this book .


In my opinion this book has served justice to its purpose starting from very small problems to help dealing with intensive issues this book gives a wide range of exposure to various solutions. Various personal experiences from the authors life was a treat for readers like me which made it very relatable from my daily life’s perspective. This book has been a real motivation for me in my life, various concepts such as “Early wake up”, “Learn to be silent” all of these small things have already started giving me a very positive energy in my life . What makes this book really special for me is the simplicity with which the book is written, the ease of language the real life incidents, the stories all of it summed up to be really useful and eye catching for me. One of the major attractions I felt this book has is that each chapter provides a new learning, it adds a new value a new lesson to learn from. This book actually gave me an insight on small things that I had tend to forgotten in my busy and hectic life. Very different and creative approaches have been used to make readers like me to understand that there is more to life . One such creative chapter or approach that made me very keen on trying it out was “spend a day without your watch”. I Never thought it could have been such a beautiful experience to spend your entire day specially admits this lockdown period without having a tap on the time. I ended up doing so many things that I had missed out in my past days, doing it to on a level that gave me immense happiness. One more such chapters would be “Write thank you – notes” it never actually crossed my mind that how powerful and how much of happiness can be derived from a small act of thank you. This book has been able to drive many positive developments in my personal life. One chapter a day in itself is like learning one value or adding one more lesson in your life.

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