September 25, 2023

Health is wealth, right? It is said that we can draw a picture only if a good canvas is present. It can be analogized with a person’s life. A person could become successful only if he/ she has good health barring all kinds of diseases. Physical fitness is also an important aspect that people should take into consideration. It is not about bodybuilding or any kind of martial arts which seems to be difficult for the people to learn. It is only a matter of taking some time to relax and rejuvenate your body.

Our heartbeats 24*7*365. Once it stops, you will not be alive. To keep your body healthy, it is mandatory to spend some time every day for a little bit of exercise.

The following graph shows the relationship between leisure activity i.e. exercise and the chances of cardiovascular diseases.


It is clear that if a person spends considerable time or workout every day, the chances of cardiovascular diseases come down and vice versa.

Now let us see, what risks are borne by a person who does not spend at least an hour a day for physical fitness;

  • Reduced muscle mass, physical endurance and strength
  • Reduced bone strength
  • Always feel drowsy
  • Boost in inner negative energy
  • Risks of cardiovascular diseases
  • Lack of physical activity can add to feelings of anxiety and depression.
  • Physical inactivity may increase the risk of certain cancers
  • Leads to obesity
  • Paves a way towards lackadaisical lifestyle
  • May lead to addiction to using drugs
  • Poor lifestyle management without following a proper schedule
  • Leads to indiscipline lifestyle

It is not what you are doing, as much as it is whether or not you are doing something. Any type of moderate activity like walking, swimming, biking or organized sports can contribute to your physical fitness.

It is important for all people to stay active throughout their lives by spending at least some time dedicated to any physical activity they like. Because of busy work and home lives, more than 80% of Indian citizens do not get the recommended amount of physical fitness daily and these numbers generally increase with the age of the citizen.

Throughout adulthood is one of the most important times to maintain an exercise regimen. This is the ideal time to maintain your weight, build strong bones and prevent many chronic health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Many adults do too much exercise at one stretch during a weekend. After a long work-week, many people try to fit lots of activity into the weekend and overexert their bodies excessively. This situation is also dangerous. This sudden increase in activity can raise the risk of injury mentally and physically which would then stop activity for weeks. Experts recommend working out several times during a week with varieties of exercises to get maximum out of it.

“Don’t overdo it. If you’re doing a strong lip, keep the eyes simple, and the other way around”. This is a famous quote by Nina Agdal. I quote it here to reiterate you not to do exercise completely during your weekends by not doing anything during the week. Physical activities should be incorporated into your daily routine and do not overexert your body.

Once you start your daily course of physical activity, the benefits follow. These include:

  • Prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and stroke (the three leading health-related causes of death)
  • Control weight
  • Make your muscles stronger
  • Reduce fat
  • Promote strong bone, muscle, and joint development
  • Condition heart and lungs
  • Build overall strength and endurance
  • Improve sleep
  • Decrease the potential of becoming depressed
  • Increase your energy and self-esteem
  • Relieve stress
  • Increase your chances of living longer

It does not matter, what physical activity you do. But it is particular to your body. Not everyone can swim, play football, and go for a morning walk. You can choose any physical activity according to your convenience and those which makes you activated throughout the day.

Personally, I do a bit of jogging & play Badminton for an hour.  That keeps me energetic throughout the day.

What are some of the physical activities that you can consider?

  • Morning walk/ jog
  • Sports: Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Gym training
  • Zumba Dance
  • Yoga

Apart from these, one can consider doing a couple of breathing exercise to rejuvenate your lungs. Have you heard about Pranayama & Reverse Pranayama?

  • Pranayama: Pranayama, the formal practise of controlling the breath. It has a mysterious power to soothe and revitalize a tired body or a wild mind.  It consists of synchronizing the breath with movements between asanas
  • Reverse Pranayama: It consists of expanding the abdomen while breathing out through the nose, and then compressing it while inhaling via the mouth — the opposite of what an abdomen would do during natural, instinctive breathing.

I know it is not that easy to inculcate exercise in your daily routine very easily if you are a person of lethargy. But consider it as a challenge and start doing it regularly. Start doing the exercise for 15 minutes on the first couple of days and increase the time over the subsequent days. I can assure you that it will surely change your life. You will feel more energetic and enthusiastic throughout the day.

“Physical fitness is not only one part of the most important keys to a healthy body, but also is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity”. _ John F Kennedy

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